Xfinity Fitness Band

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  • Workout band
  • Features 6 levels of resistance
  • Use to maximize most any workout
  • Six dynamic 20-minute workouts on two DVDs
  • Includes Healthy Calories for a Fit Body

The Xfinity Fitness Band is a versatile and highly portable resistance workout tool. With this resistance band, you can sculpt, shape and tone your entire body. This revolutionary band serves a wide variety of functions. It progresses with you as you become stronger due to a revolutionary design that allows you to change the resistance level by changing your grip. Start with a simple wide hold, then work up to extra-heavy resistance as you place your hands closer and closer together. This band features six levels of resistance and can be used to maximize most any workout. Six dynamic 20-minute workouts are available on two DVDs. This band is a great tool to keep around your house.
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