Vim Cream Cleanser - Lemon - 500ml
Vim Cream Cleanser - Lemon - 500ml
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Vim Cream Cleanser - Lemon - 500ml

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This item: Vim Cream Cleanser - Lemon - 500ml
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Vim Cream with Lemon Scent is a versatile cleaner that can help make things look new again. Its microparticles help clean the tough stuff easily, removing 100% of dirt*. Phosphate free, it's ideal for combatting stains such as burnt-on food, tough grease, and watermarks.

• All rooms

• Burnt-on food
• Other tough dirt
• Toothpaste
• Tough grease
• Watermarks

• Ceramic
• Most Enamel
• Plastic
• Stainless steel
• Vitroceramics

How to Clean Tough Grease
A couple of greasy marks today, and tomorrow your kitchen has a thick built-up residue. Luckily, there’s a simple solution--a bottle of Vim Cream with Lemon Scent.
1. Using an absorbent cloth, try to soak up the bulk of the grease where possible.
2. Apply Vim Cream with Lemon Scent to the surface by using a clean, damp cloth directly and wiping down with a firm hand to break up the grease.
3. If the grease proves stubborn, give the product a minute to act on the stain before wiping.
4. Finish by giving the surface a quick rinse and then buff dry with a fresh cloth.

As thick as the grease may seem, it won’t stand up to Vim Cream with Lemon Scent. And with regular attention, your surfaces will look like they are perpetually new.

Avoid use on: Do not use on linoleum, leather† and textile and painted wood. Special care maybe required when using product on painted enamel, aluminium and other soft surfaces, on delicate surfaces or specialty surfaces and for any new/unusual type of usage. Test on an inconspicuous area before and avoid heavy rubbing. Rinse immediately after use. Vim Cream is suitable for vitroceramic but let the plate cool, cleaning thoroughly before reheating plate. Vim Cream contains a gentle abrasive and is PHOSPHATE FREE.

†Safe for use on leather sport and/or running shoes.
*Tested on tough kitchen and bathroom dirt achieving complete soil removal.

    The unique creamy formula of Vim cleans really deep down to bring your surfaces back to life.
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