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Tree Frog: Cleverly Designed Products That Make Computing Fun!

By rethinking the design and construction of computer accessories, Tree Frog has created several lines of products that not only have a unique look and feel but are also environmentally friendly. Tree Frog has reimagined the design of computer accessories such as gaming mice, keyboards, desk pads, hubs, adapters, carrying cases, and backpacks. All of these products have useful details designed into them. Tree Frog products make computing a blast!

Helping The Environment is Cool with Tree Frog Accessories

Environmentally friendly doesn't have to mean boring; with unique accessories that are colourful and fashionable, you can show off your style and reduce your carbon footprint. All of Tree Frog's products are designed with ROHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substance) in mind, with a selection of accessories that comply with stricter REACH standards. Saving the environment has never been so cool!

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Computer Accessories That Complement Your Style

Tree Frog accessories are designed to look good, feel right, and make computing fun. Tree Frog offers a variety of well-designed products that you can't help but enjoy using. Their design team investigates each product and finds ways to make improvements. For example, Tree Frog offers a USB hub engineered to keep cables from snagging, thus avoiding tangling and other impediments. Power Surge Protectors also have built-in controls to help reduce electricity usage and are certified to Canadian electrical safety standards.

Tree Frog knows you want to be different and stand out in a crowd, so Tree Frog backpacks, carrying cases, and other accessories are made to adapt into your life and fit your personal style.

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  • Tree Frog Ease Slim Notebook Sleeve - Up to 13.3inch Quick View
  • Tree Frog Memory Foam Wrist Pillow Keyboard Pad - Black - KLJ-5020F Quick View
  • Tree Frog Smart Power Bar 7 - FS-041ES-D Quick View
  • Tree Frog Fashion Notebook Laptop Backpack - Blue - 15 Inch - KLB1340R-BL Quick View
  • Tree Frog Ergonomic Gaming Mousepad - KLH-P-003 Quick View
  • Tree Frog Top Load Slim Notebook Sleeve - 13.3 inch - NS-8068EASE Quick View
1 - 6 of 42

Following ROHS and REACH Standards

Tree Frog cares about the health of your community. Their products and accessories are ROHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substance) compliant and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) qualified. ROHS is a set of official instructions on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, and REACH addresses the production and use of chemical substances and their potential impact on human and environmental health. Because Tree Frog products are ROHS compliant and REACH qualified, you can be confident that you are bringing safe products into your home or office.