Timex has been revolutionizing the watch industry for over 160 years and is one of the world's few true watchmakers. It continues to improve the industry by crafting high-quality, affordable watches that challenges the boundaries of technology and design.

The company's goal has always been to offer affordable timepieces. Today, Timex provides Canadians with high-quality timekeeping solutions to fit every budget.

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  • Timex Ironman Classic 30 - TW5K90900GP Quick View
  • Timex Main St. Collection Watch - Blue/Gold - TW2R27600ZA Quick View
  • Timex Watch Leather Strap - Black - TX1994 Quick View
  • Timex Leather Watch Strap - Black - 13mm - TX2279 Quick View
  • Timex Men's Full Easy Reader Watch - Brown/Black - TW2R62300GP Quick View
  • Timex Fashion Watch - Black - T2P450GP Quick View
  • Timex Classics Women's Watch - White/Black - 20441 Quick View
  • Timex Dual Alarm Clock Radio - Black - T236BQX Quick View
  • Timex Youth Watch - Blue/Yellow - TW7C05800KU Quick View
  • Timex Youth Boys Analogue Watch - Camo/Green - T78141KU Quick View
  • Timex Expedition Shock-Resistant XL  Watch - T49950GP Quick View
  • Timex Scout Metal Watch - T49963GP Quick View
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Timex Watches for Every Occasion

The brand earned its “takes a licking and keeps on ticking” motto by withstanding tests on live television to try to destroy the watches in 1958. The demonstrated indestructibility of the timepieces enhanced the watches that were — and still are — fashionable and accessible to everyone.

In addition to its historical firsts and quality parts, Timex watches for men and women come in a variety of designs to fit every occasion. The line of everyday watches provides accurate timekeeping in an easy-to-read, casual style, offered in a variety of band colors and materials to set off any outfit.

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The water-resistant Ironman watches enhance your sports experience with features like a stopwatch and lap counter, while the rugged Expedition line for the outdoor enthusiast offers models with chronographs and timers.

Timex also has a line of timepieces specifically for children, with adjustable straps to accommodate kids’ growth and fun, colorful styles.

How Timex Alarm Clocks Meet Your Needs

Timex also offers modern alarm clocks and clock radios with innovative features. Wake up exactly how you want to by customizing the chosen alarm clock’s sound, volume, size of the display and more.

For example, a dual-alarm model offers the ability to wake up to either the buzzer or the radio at separate times. LED displays make it easy to read the time, and many include an AM/FM radio.

Choose from the full range of Timex alarm clocks and watches found at London Drugs. You’ll find the timepiece you need to suit your lifestyle and budget. Analog and digital models for men, women and children let every family member find their own Timex.

Timex FAQs

What movement does Timex use?

Timex uses battery powered quartz and digital quartz movements.

Are Timex watches water-resistant?

All the watches carried at London Drugs are water-resistant. Water resistance ranges from 30 meters to 200 meters.

Are Timex watches reliable?

Absolutely! The brand is well-known for creating affordable, reliable watches, no matter the collection.

Where are Timex watches made?

Timex is one of the few vertically integrated watch suppliers in the world owning its own supply chain based in the Philippines. Company operations exist in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia.

Are Timex watches loud?

Whether or not you consider the ticking sound to be loud is subjective. Alarms on sports watches for men and women have the beeping sound you want to stay on track with your fitness goals.