Tena Unisex Underwear Ultimate-Extra - Extra Large - 11's
Tena Unisex Underwear Ultimate-Extra - Extra Large - 11's
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Tena Unisex Underwear Ultimate-Extra - Extra Large - 11's

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This item: Tena Unisex Underwear Ultimate-Extra - Extra Large - 11's
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  • Soft and Gentle Cloth Like Texture: We strive to create a product that feels just like your underwear. cloth like, breathable, with the look, feel, and comfort of regular underwear.
  • Focused on Leakage Protection: Special elastic leg gathers fit snugly against your skin to protect against leaks and channel liquid back towards the absorbent core of the Ultimate Underwear.
  • No Need to Worry About Odour: Discretion is the key, right? TENA Ultimate Underwear is designed with our odour neutralizing pH balance of absorbent technology that works to stop odour before it starts.
  • Getting to the Absorbent Core: It's all about the core. The absorbent core that is. Our most important improvement is the new W-Shaped Core of our Ultimate Underwear. Designed to conform to you and maintain its shape during use, this core covers more surface than before and boasts improved liquid retention.
TENA Ultimate Incontinence Underwear are designed to look and feel discreet like regular underwear. But we've made our most secure underwear better. We've added new innovations to keep you dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Even with severe bladder weakness, you deserve the security and feel of regular underwear. TENA Ultimate Underwear is a pull-up style incontinence underwear to be worn like normal underwear. We've taken a look at what makes the Ultimate Underwear so secure and improved on those features. Now with a stronger more absorbent core, improved leg gathers to protect against leakage, and softer and more comfortable against your skin, TENA Ultimate Underwear provides triple protecting against leaks, odour, and wetness.
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