Studio Knife Set with Folding Wrap - 9 piece

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Versatile set with a knife for each cooking task. Classic colour and shape for stylish oven-to-table presentation.

Studio Knife Set includes:

  • Paring Knife - A paring knife is a small, lightweight knife with a straight cutting edge. It's a real all-purpose knife, ideal for peeling and other small work. Often used to peel fruits or vegetables that are held in the hand.
  • Utility Knife - A utility knife is the perfect knife for all cutting tasks that ask for precision.
  • Boning Knife - A boning knife has a thin, flexible blade. Used to remove bones from cuts of meat. The thin blade allows to get into small spaces.
  • Cleaver - A cleaver has a wide, rectangular, thick blade. Used for cutting large pieces of meat and cleaving its bones. They often have a hole at the end for hanging on a rack.
  • Carving Knife - With a carving knife it's simple to slice thin cuts of meat. Often used in combination with a carving fork to hold the roast.
  • Knife Sharpener - A sharp knife is safer because you don’t have to exercise much pressure to cut. A sharpener is the essential tool to keep your knives sharp.
  • Chef Knife - A chef’s knife is the knife that’s most used in the kitchen. The upward curved tip allows rocking the knife for easy mincing on a cutting board. Because of the wide and heavy blade it’s also suitable for light cleaving jobs.
  • Utility Shear - Pair of all-purpose scissors (cut fresh herbs or flowers and a multitude of other tasks). The handle has a built-in bottle opener.
  • Folding Bag
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    9 Piece