London Drugs - Stocking Stuffers for Seniors

Stocking Stuffers for Seniors is Back!

London Drugs is thrilled to continue a great seasonal tradition: Stocking Stuffers for Seniors, from Monday, November 18 – Monday, December 16.*

Stocking Stuffers for Seniors partners with local care homes, charities, and organizations to bring more holiday cheer to seniors in their communities. In 2019, we’re excited to offer this annual Christmas community campaign chain wide at every London Drugs location, for the third year in a row!

Your donated items don’t need to be purchased from a London Drugs store — any new, non-gift wrapped item is accepted. Check the sign beside the Christmas Tree in your local London Drugs store, to see exactly where your gifts are going.

Our goal this Christmas: From Monday, November 18 – Monday, December 16,* help Stocking Stuffers for Seniors bring extra holiday cheer to 17,000 seniors across our communities!

* some exceptions apply- contact your local store for details

How Do I Support Stocking Stuffers For Seniors?

1. Visit your local London Drugs store, and head over to the store Christmas Tree for a Stocking Stuffers for Seniors gift tag. Each tag contains a personalized wish list from a local senior, or a general “wish list” from a participating local care home or organization partner.

2. Simply purchase or bring new, non-gift wrapped items,* along with the gift tag, to the store’s Customer Service Counter by the delivery date. For even more Christmas cheer, you’re welcome to include a personalized Christmas Card with your gift.

3. Our London Drugs stores will ensure your gifts are delivered by Santa and his elves to local seniors, before Christmas Day!

Spread the Christmas cheer, stay updated, and see how your gifts are making the Christmas season a bit brighter for seniors in your community! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: Tag us at #StockingStuffersForSeniors #LondonDrugs

How Did Stocking Stuffers for Seniors Start?

The Stocking Stuffers for Seniors campaign began in 2015, with one store location providing help for 500 inner city seniors. The campaign quickly caught on, growing in 2016 to multiple store locations helping more than 2,000 seniors in their communities. In 2017, Stocking Stuffers for Seniors went chain wide across all stores, in all locations — and with incredible support from all our communities, London Drugs delivered donated gifts to more than 10,000 seniors! In 2019, London Drugs is excited to once again offer the Stocking Stuffers for Seniors campaign chain wide, for the third year in a row.


Q: Are all London Drugs locations participating in Stocking Stuffers for Seniors?
A: Yes! Stocking Stuffers for Seniors is a chain-wide campaign. Please note that each London Drugs store is running the campaign a bit differently, based on their local partnering organization’s needs.

Q: Why are some tags personalized for a specific senior, while some are not?
A: Each London Drugs store is running a campaign that is most suited to their needs of their care home partner — whether the gift tags are personalized or generic, all donated gifts are still going to low income seniors in your local community! Gift tags may not be personalized for the following reasons:

  • Some of our stores’ local partnering organizations have privacy policies that don’t allow them to release personal information, which means not all stores are able to display personalized gift tags on donated items.
  • Residents of care home partners providing a very high level of care, aren’t always able to clearly communicate what they wish to personally receive. In such situations, our stores develop a “desired item list” (e.g. toothpaste, shaving cream, socks, mittens, blankets, cookies) with the care home managers, and use generic tags for those items so that all residents benefit equally from the donated gifts.
  • Our stores continue to collect donations throughout the campaign even after a local partner organization’s “wish list” has been met. These additional gifts are provided with generic tags and are sent to other London Drugs stores that may need more donations to fulfill their local partner care home or organization’s requests — or are donated to other charitable organizations at the end of the campaign.

Q: I took a tag from a tree but will not be donating a gift after all. What do I do?
A: If you took a wish list from a store Christmas Tree but will not be donating a gift, please return the tag to the Customer Service counter at the same store, so someone else can fulfill the donation instead!

Q: When do I need to deliver the gift back to the store?
A: Each store has a different delivery date, based on the needs of their local care home or organization partner. To find out when you need to deliver your gift, please check the sign next to the Christmas Tree in your local London Drugs store, inquire with the store manager.

Q: Can I make a gift to donate, and gift wrap it?
A: Handmade items are special gifts that seniors love receiving! Our London Drugs stores accept handmade items but cannot accept homemade food. Please also ensure all donated gifts are not gift wrapped, as we are unable to accept gift wrapped items.