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Truly West Coast Coffee – Highest Quality Hand-Picked Coffee Beans

Having started out as a family-owned roasting café on Salt Spring Island in 1996, Salt Spring Coffee has grown to bring organic, fair trade coffee to new homes and new places. With their deep commitment to offering the highest quality of hand-picked coffee beans in a way that centers care for the environment and the world, this socially-conscious brand provides balanced roasts that are as sustainable as they are delicious.

Great Taste and Greater Impact

Salt Spring Coffee’s commitment to social and environmental sustainability are one of the benchmarks of the brand, along with the quality of their beans and roasting process, and donates part of their proceeds to environmental research and protection through the 1% for the Planet program. By working directly with farmers in a number of coffee-growing regions, Salt Spring Coffee is able to source the best beans and ensure that the farmers are both paid fairly and are growing their beans in an environmentally-friendly, socially-sustainable manner. As a Fair for Life Fair Trade-certified company, you’ll always know that these beans were produced in fair and equitable working conditions, with no human rights abuses. And because all Salt Spring Coffee is certified organic by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, you can rest assured that your morning cup is made from 100% organic coffee beans.

Salt Spring Coffee’s Attention to Every Detail and Every Bean

Salt Spring Coffee’s attention to detail spans far beyond their care for the environment and the communities that grow their beans – you can taste it in every cup brewed from Salt Spring Coffee beans. Because their beans are always hand-picked, fewer damaged beans make their way into each bag, for a higher-quality of brew. With their wide selection of different Arabica varietals, Salt Spring Coffee lets your palate travel, with quality beans sourced from a variety of terroirs from Nicaragua to Sumatra. The beans are slowly roasted with the same attention to detail with which they are sourced, ensuring that they’re cooked just to the point where their sugars caramelize and their oils and aromatics are maximized, to bring you a brew with the height of flavour and no hint of burnt bean.

With their wide variety of options when it comes to coffee beans, Salt Spring Coffee has you covered, whether you’re looking for the perfect classic French roast, want a lighter blend, or want to try Salt Spring Coffee espresso. Fill your cup while you do your part when you shop Salt Springs Coffee organic roasted whole beans.

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  • Salt Spring Coffee French Roast - Darkest Roast - Whole Bean - 400g Quick View
  • Salt Spring Coffee Sumatra - Dark Roast - Whole Bean - 400g Quick View
  • Salt Spring Coffee Metta Espresso - Whole Bean - 400g Quick View
  • Salt Spring Coffee Swiss Water Decaf - Whole Bean - 400g Quick View
  • Salt Spring Coffee Blue Heron - Medium Dark Roast - Whole Bean - 400g Quick View
  • Salt Spring Coffee Peru -  Medium Roast - Whole Bean - 400g Quick View
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