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Relaxus Mini Snow White Salt Lamp - 504015

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$14.99 While Quantities Last

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  • Neutralizes the air by creating negative ions
  • Each Lamp is hand crafted, varies in colour, and is unique in shape ad hue

Our Himalayan Medium White Salt Lamp purifies the air producing negative ions while providing a lovely ambient light. Included are a clear, blue, green & red energy efficient 15W light bulbs. Colour therapy has been used for centuries and the healing (or pleasing) affects of colour can be felt immediately.

  • Healing White Light: Good for everything, it's the perfect colour because it combines all colours , red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet light. The innate intelligence of the body will take whatever colour it needs. White is associated with the seventh or crown chakra
  • Green Light: Supports love, communication and acceptance. Green is the colour of nature. Green links with and stimulates the forth or heart chakra promoting harmony & balance.
  • Blue Light: Increases calmness, peace, love, inner peace and devotion. Blue links with and stimulates the fifth or throat chakra promoting open communication.
  • Red Light: Increases physical energy, vitality, stamina and passion. It's a grounding colour. Red links with and stimulates the first of root chakra, at the base of the spine, resulting in greater strength


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