Photo Restoration Services

Photo Restoration Services

Protect your family's most precious memories with London Drug's Photo Restoration Services. Printed photographs degrade over time, leaving only washed-out colours, brittle edges, and faded details behind. Our Photo Restoration Services, available at all London Drugs locations, use digital technology to enhance, improve and transform your photos, preserving them for present and future generations.

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How Does it work?

Step 1 - Bring in your photos. Step 2 - Processing. Step 3 - Enjoy your corrected photos.

What We Offer

  • Facial reconstruction
  • Restoration and reconstruction of old and/or damaged photographs
  • Remove unwanted objects or people
  • Combine elements or subjects from various photos in one
  • Colourize black and white photos
  • Repair scratches, cracks, stains, or blemishes
  • Change backgrounds
  • Modify, improve, or restore faded colour
  • Modify image

What You Will Receive

  • CD with digital copy*
  • 5x7 Print

*CD only available for Service Level 1 to 5


The cost of our Photo Restoration services depends on the extent and complexity of your order; this can range from $6.98 for simple restorations to over $149.98 for more difficult and extensive work. Our expert staff will evaluate your photo needs, based on our service levels, and then provide a quote during your consultation. If your restoration quote exceeds $99.98, we will require a $25 deposit for your order.

Service Levels

Level 1

Minor Restoration

  • Improve colour cast
  • Improve colour/density
  • Create a collage larger than 8x10 with unlimited images

Level 2

Light Restoration

  • Repair cracks or tears in non-essential areas (not including faces)
  • Simple background changes (fade/darken)

Level 3

Medium Restoration

  • Repair moderate damage to essential areas such as face
  • Removal of unwanted objects or people in background (maximum 2)
  • More complex foreground or background changes

Level 4

Heavy Restoration

  • Repair heavy damage to detailed areas such as faces or other intricate areas
  • Extensive foreground or background changes
  • Reconstruction of torn original where several pieces may need to be joined

Level 5

Extensive Restoration

  • Facial reconstruction using extra photos for image sampling
  • Hand-colour black & white images
  • Create photo collage/montage from multiple images
  • Complex addition of multiple people and objects

Level 6


  • Single colour cast
  • Density/contrast adjustments
  • Specific cropping
  • Add a filter

Level 7

Very Slight Restoration

  • Repair single scratch or blemish
  • Remove date/time
  • Vignette (fade edges)
  • Fix pet white eye

Level 8


  • Repair minor scratches and blemishes
  • Create a collage 8x10 or smaller with 6 images or less
  • Includes 8x10; additional prints extra

Photo Restoration FAQs

How long does the photo restoration take?

Simple corrections can be done same day; however, more extensive restorations usually take a couple of days.

If your photos must be sent to another London Drugs location to be processed, this may add up to 5 additional business days before the order will be ready for pickup. When you come in for a quote, we will provide an estimated completion time.

What should I bring?

You should bring your original photos into the store to get a quote with a PhotoLab staff member.

If your photo requires reconstruction of a person’s face, it would be helpful to bring another photograph that shows what the person looks like.

Will I get my original photo back?

Of course! Your original photo will be returned to you on same day.