Nozohaem Nasal Gel Stop Nose Bleeds - 4 x 5ml

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Nozohaem® is a unique, gel treatment for nosebleeds that stops the bleeding in moments. Available without a prescription, Nozohaem is safe, simple and quick to self-administer. Once the bleeding has stopped, the gel just dries away leaving no unpleasant taste.

Nozohaem can be used to stop nosebleeds anywhere, anytime, whatever the cause — trauma or stress. Without mess or bother — from nosebleed to no bleed in moments!

Nozohaem is safe to use and can be used both for severe and for lighter bleeding. It works in a natural way, applying gentle pressure to the site of the bleeding.

Easy to use
Clear the nose from blood and blood clots then lightly squeeze the nose at the top
Place the tip of the Nozohaem tube into the nostril and squeeze the gel in until the flow of blood stops. Sometimes a second tube may be necessary. Wipe away any excess and allow the gel to remain in the nose for 30 minutes. It will dry up and gradually disappear by itself.

How it works
Nozohaem gel promotes constriction of the nasal mucosa and the bleeding vessel as well as the blood's coagulation response.
  • Damaged vessel, blood leaks out
  • The vessel wall reacts with constriction
  • Platelets aggregate to collagen, a platelet plug is formed
  • Plasma coagulate and fibrin threads/clots are formed
  • Fibrinolysis, the fibrin clot is dissolved and vessel healed with 10 days and blood flows normally
Once the bleeding has stopped, the gel may be left in the nostril to clear away naturally or it may be gently be blown out into a tissue.
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    4 x 5ml