Nellies All-Natural


Nellie's All-Natural was inspired by, you guessed it, Nellie! She wasn't always a plastic figurine trapped inside a website though, she was instead a real person with real values.

She believed in honesty and simplicity, and she was going green long before the color was cool.

It's these beliefs that made us love the Nellie name, which is why we've developed a line of cleaning products to honor her. Every dryerball, fragrance stick and laundry nugget is free of irritating toxins and phosphates, creating a hypoallergenic experience. Our items are also biodegradable, helping to keep the environment as spotless as your clothes.


Our all-natural products provide more than an exceptional clean. They help your family go green, stripping away toxins and chemicals. Nellie's cleans clothes and softens fabrics without leaving behind that dreaded residue that can absorb into your skin.

From dryerballs to laundry soda and everything in between, Nellie's All-Natural has you covered!

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  • Nellie's Dryer Balls - Blue - 2 pack Quick View
  • Nellies' Wow Stick Stain Remover - 76.5g Quick View
  • Nellie's All-Natural Laundry Soda - 50 Pouches Quick View
  • Nellie's Oxygen Brightener - 900g Quick View
  • Nellie's All Natural Laundry Nuggets - 36's Quick View
  • Nellie's All Natural Laundry Soda - 1.5kg - 100 loads Quick View
  • Nellie's Lamby Wool Dryerballs - 4 pack Quick View
  • Nellie's Wrinkle-B-Gone Spray - Lemongrass - 474ml Quick View
  • Nellie's Wrinkle-B-Gone Travel Size Spray - Lemongrass - 3oz Quick View
  • FAQs

    How many Lamby Wool Dryerballs should I use?
    Toss all 4 dryerballs into the dryer to reduce drying time, soften fabrics and reduce wrinkles. Separate natural fabrics from synthetic fabrics to help reduce static.

    Where is my scoop?
    If you are having trouble finding your spoon in the bucket, it has probably been sifted to the bottom during shipping. The measurement is 1 tablespoon per regular load.

    What’s the difference between Laundry Soda and Baby Laundry Soda?
    The Laundry Soda is a coconut base surfactant while the Baby Laundry Soda has pure vegetable soap. Nellie’s All-Natural Baby Laundry Soda is also specially formulated to deal with baby’s unavoidable mishaps so we have added a concentration of sodium percarbonate for natural brightening.

    How many scoops for a big load?
    We recommend using one scoop for a regular load, so it depends on what you consider a full load. If your full load is twice the size of your regular load, you can use two scoops. Otherwise we recommend about one and a half. The important thing to remember is that while the scoop size looks small, it’s very strongly concentrated and powerful!

    Does Nellie’s test on animals?
    Nellie loves the environment as much as she loves animals, that is why our products are Leaping Bunny Certified (no animal testing).

    Can I use the Laundry Soda in my HE machine?
    Absolutely! Nellie’s Laundry Soda is certified for high efficiency machines and regular top loading washing machines, and dissolves completely in hot or cold water.

    Is the Oxygen Brightener to be used with the Laundry Soda?
    Yes, add 1-3 scoops (depending on the size of your load) of Oxygen Brightener together with the Laundry Soda.

    Nellie's All Natural Products

    Concerned about the health of the planet and what your family is exposed to on a daily basis? For green-minded men and women, conventional cleaning products just aren't ideal, as they can contain chemicals that are hard on ecosystems and prone to causing sensitivities and allergic reactions. Nellie's All Natural Products was founded to offer an alternative to those traditional products and can help you shrink the size of your eco footprint without having to compromise the cleanliness of your home.

    Truly Green Cleaning Products

    Nellie's is committed to offering honest, straightforward products that are good for people and for the planet. All Nellie's cleaning products are made without harsh chemicals and are completely nontoxic, so you don't have to worry about what types of residues they're leaving behind in your home or what they're introducing into the environment. In the selection of Nellie's All Natural Products, you'll find green alternatives to a wide range of common cleaning products from Nellie's detergent for the dishwasher to all-purpose soap that can be used to wash your hands, your dishes and even your dog.

    Making Laundry Days More Eco Friendly

    Nellie's cleaning products for the laundry room are some of the most well-known green solutions offered by the brand. Nellie's dryer balls give you the ability to soften your clothes and remove static build-up without having to resort to using wasteful dryer sheets. By adding fragrance sticks to Nellie's dryers balls, you can freshen up your clothing and towels without having to worry about the effects of artificial scents.

    For your washing machine, Nellie's laundry soda provides an eco-conscious alternative to conventional laundry soap. Although Nellie's detergent is gentle to the skin, it can obliterate stubborn stains and heavy soiling with ease. In addition to classic Nellie's laundry soda, the brand also offers nuggets for high-efficiency washers and an oxygen brightener for whites and colors.

    See for yourself just how effective green cleaning products can be by trying Nellie's All Natural Products for yourself. Shop the selection here at London Drugs today.