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Marathon 12in Digital Caliper - CO030300

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  • Calliper Range: 0 to 12 inches / 0 to 300 mm.
  • Calliper has new Jumbo Display
  • External, internal, step and depth measurements
  • Calliper has absolute, floating zero, and relative measurements -(you can zero out at any point)
  • Instant inch/millimetre conversion. Switch between metric and imperial measurements with great ease.
  • Calliper is lightweight
  • Calliper comes with carrying case and extra battery

A calliper ( British spelling also calliper) is a device used to measure the distance between two symmetrically opposing sides. A calliper can be as simple as a compass with inward or outward-facing points. The tips of the calliper are adjusted to fit across the points to be measured, the calliper is then removed and the distance read by measuring between the tips with a measuring tool, such as a ruler.
A refinement now popular is the replacement of the analogue dial with an electronic digital display. This version of the calliper allows reading the value directly from a single display. Many digital callipers can be switched between metric and imperial units. All provide for zeroing the display at any point along the slide, allowing the same sort of differential measurements as with the dial calliper but without the need to read numbers that may be upside down. Digital callipers may contain some sort of “reading hold” feature, allowing the reading of dimensions even in awkward locations where the display cannot be seen.


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