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London Naturals Hair Skin Nails Multivitamins- 90's

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Sun and wind damage, nutrient deficiencies, toxins, aging and plain old wear and tear can cause irreversible damage to hair, skin and nails. Hair can lose its luster, becoming dry and brittle. Skin can ‘show its age’ and lose its elasticity and glow. Fingernails and toenails may become thick and discoloured. Of course you can condition and moisturize your hair, skin and nails from the outside, but providing nutritional support from the inside is just as important. London Drugs Hair, Skin & Nails Formula combines key nutrient support for healthy, beautiful hair, skin and nails. It contains:

  • Brewer’s Yeast - an excellent source of amino acids, minerals and vitamins.
  • Important B vitamins - B1 (thiamin), B5 (pantothenic acid) as well as biotin. B Vitamins are essential for healthy hair and skin.
  • Keratin - a fibrous protein found in the skin’s outer layer. Keratin is a nutrient building block of hair and nails. Supplemental keratin promotes the growth of skin cells and helps protect skin from environmental damage
  • L-cysteine - an amino acid component of hair, skin and nails, and of keratin. L-cysteine supports stronger, healthier hair and nails, and firmer, younger-looking skin. It stabilizes protein structure and helps the body form collagen
  • Antioxidants - such as lycopene, lutein, vitamin E, beta carotene, and selenium protect cell membranes from free radical and UV damage. Free radical damage is a contributor to accelerated aging.

London Drugs Hair, Skin and Nails Formula provides complex nutrient support, in a simple capsule, for enhanced health and beauty from the inside out.


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