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London Drugs proudly sponsors various community-based events and corporate initiatives that are in-line with its values and goals of building healthier and stronger communities. When reviewing your proposal, we look for tangible links between our customers, our stores and your organization or event. We continuously strive to grow as a valuable member within the community.

If you have an event that is a suitable match, we’d like to hear from you.

Please note: London Drugs only accepts sponsorship proposals that are received 8-12 months prior to the proposed event or program.

Sponsorship Guidelines

How to Apply

If your request falls within our guidelines, please send a proposal including the following information:

Please note: Only successful applicants will be contacted.

Who do I contact?

If your event or program is in alignment with our sponsorship guidelines, please send your proposal to:

Community Involvement

Thanks to your support, here are some organizations we’ve helped:

Operation Family Identification

Our Children are the Future.

Pioneered in Canada by London Drugs, Operation Family Identification provides a child identity package for parents and guardians. Supported by Block Parent, Crime Stoppers and the RCMP, Operation Family Identification has provided over half a million identity kits to parents and guardians, free of charge, since the program’s inception in 1984.

The identity kit contains a picture, fingerprints of the child and all of the child's vital statistics. The parent or guardian retains the only copy of the identity kit. For providing this service, London Drugs has received an award from the Solicitor General of Canada as well as one from the Solicitor General of Alberta.

Charity Foundation Guidelines for Donation Requests

Requests for charitable donations received by London Drugs will normally be referred to one of the following charitable foundations for consideration:   the London Drugs Foundation or the Tong and Geraldine Louie Family Foundation (together referred to as the “Foundations”).  

Please use the following guidelines for submission of donation requests

All inquiries and submissions meeting guideline criteria for funding will be reviewed.  Regretfully, due to the overwhelming number of requests received, the Foundations are unable to fund all requests received. 



The Foundations determine in their sole discretion the weight given to each of the above criteria, and reserves right to include additional criteria or delete certain criteria, on a case by case basis.  



Please submit all requests in writing to:

Manager, Charity Foundations
c/o 12831 Horseshoe Place
Richmond, B.C.  V7A 4X5  



Please include the following information:

The Foundations will make every effort to review and respond to submissions in a timely fashion.  However, the Foundations does not guarantee it will respond within a specific timeframe and reserves the right not to respond.    All granting decisions are final and there is no appeal process for requests that have been declined.   Due to the volume of requests, submissions with less than 3 month timelines will not receive proper consideration. 

Any approvals to donate will be expressly communicated by the Foundations Manager to the submitting applicant. All decisions to donate are at the sole discretion of the Foundations.


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