LOGiiX is a technology company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia that focuses on creating affordable high-quality tech accessories. Constantly innovating and creating products that not only keep pace with today’s tech industry, but are one step ahead. LOGiiX aims to create quality products that express personality and simplify life.


Help your devices keep up with your lifestyle

Now more than ever tech devices have become a crucial part of our everyday lives and LOGiiX believes that you should not be limited by your devices battery life. From portable Piston Power banks to our ultra-durable USB-C AND Lightning charging cables we have something that will satisfy an on-the-go users wildest power needs.

Taking your devices to the office or on a holiday, LOGiiX offers a wide variety of protection for your laptop, phone and tablet from LOGiiX iPad cases to screen protectors and everything in between. You’ll find everything you need to make sure your device can go just about anywhere life takes you!


Travel with ease

Bulky complicated travel adapters and cables are a thing of the past! Whether you are looking for anything from travel adapters that safely allow you to use your devices in over 100 countries to compact travel ready fast charge wall chargers LOGiiX has the perfect solution.

blue piston

Helping you get into the zone!

Isolate yourself and get lost in the sound with our Bluetooth over-ear headsets or set the mood at a party with our Blue Piston speakers, with LOGiiX you can listen to your favourite tunes as if you were hearing them live!

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