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From a tin shed in Arkansas in 1946 to your home today, Klipsch lives to honor the revolutionary Paul W Klipsch sound. Klipsch is driven by the three principles of live music, power detail and emotion. Music you can hear in perfect clarity which powerfully moves you connect at a deep personal level.

Experience the Design & Sound of Klipsch Speakers

Klipsch carries a variety of different speakers including subwoofers, soundbars, and Klipsch tower speakers. All of Klipsch speakers share four principles of design, which builds the foundation for their great sound.

High Efficiency/Low Distortion

The extremely efficient physical design of Klipsch horns allow the speakers to be driven with less power and therefore less distortion. As a result, you will hear cleaner audio at louder volumes.

Controlled Directivity

Horn loaded construction allows the soundwaves to be perfectly directed to your ears, creating a more realistic soundstage without wasting acoustic energy as it bounces around the room adding unwanted sonic reflections to your listening.

Wide Dynamic Range

Very simply, this means that Klipsch speakers are able to produce both the softest sounds clearly and the loudest sounds without distortion or harshness. A wide range of sound volume more closely recreates the live music experience.

Flat Frequency Response

The sound curve produced by Klipsch speakers delivers audio without unnatural lows, mids or highs. This lack of frequency bias allows the reproduction of sound as accurately as possible to the original recording.

Klipsch Heritage Classic

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    Pro-Ject Genie Turntable + Klipsch Self-Powered Speakers + Accessories - PKG #17363

    • $1344.96

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