Klipsch Speakers

Klipsch Heritage Speakers Sounds like No Other!

From a tin shed in Arkansas in 1946 to your home today, Klipsch continue to hand-build their Heritage Speakers in the USA. Using beautiful American and imported hard-woods, they match the veneers of each speaker to look as amazing in your home as they sound. With such famous names as Klipschorn, La Scala, Cornwall, Forte and Heresy, you can be certain the revolutionary sound lives on. The newest edition to the Klipsch Heritage family is their Klipsch Wireless powered speakers which marry nostalgic design with modern technologies like Bluetooth and built-in amplifiers. Learn More


The Klipschorn was Paul W. Klipsch’s first speakers, designed specifically to recreate the power, detail and emotion of live music. Their unique design fits directly into the corner of the room. Featuring the classic Klipsch characteristics of high efficiency and low distortion thru the use of horn loaded technology, these speakers are capable of extremely high output while maintaining a high dynamic range. Klipschorn speakers have been continuously manufactured for over 70 years! Shop Now

La Scala III

Introduced in 1963 and named in tribute to the Teatro Alla Scala in Milan, Italy, La Scala speakers are modern art masterpieces. The beautiful wood veneers are delicately sliced from timber and arranged in such a way that produces a mirror grain image at the splice point. Each La Scala speaker leaves the factory sequentially numbered to ensure that the practically identical speakers stay together as a matched set. The three-way horn loaded loudspeakers sound as good as they look. Shop Now

Cornwall III

The Klipsch Cornwall speaker has been around since 1959 and was originally launched as a larger full-range alternative to the legendary Heresy speakers. The Cornwall speaker's classic three-way design includes horn-loaded compression drivers for the treble and mid-range and a 15-inch woofer produces the thundering bass. Shop Now

Forte III

The Forte is the single most popular model produced by Klipsch. Originally launched in 1985, they have been reintroduced due to popular demand from audio aficionados who loved them for both their elegant design and outstanding performance. Their bass response has tremendous output and extension due to the addition of a 15” rear-mounted radiator to amplify the sound produced by the 12” woofer. Klipsch Forte's horn loaded tweeter and mid-range driver complete the three-way configuration for an amazing sound. Shop Now

Heresy III

Klipsch Heresy speakers have been described as the original Hi-Fi Hot rod. First launched in 1957 as a center channel speaker to be used with a pair of Klipschorn speakers, it took on a life of its own as one of the best rock-n-roll speakers of all time. Heresy's compact three-way design uses horn-loaded compression drivers for treble and mid-range sound and a 12" woofer for the low bass frequencies. Shop Now

Klipsch Heritage Wireless Speakers

Introduced in 2017 to recreate the look, feel and attitude of the Heritage Classic Speakers, the Klipsch Heritage Wireless Speaker series adds modern Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to the package. Although these speakers are not hand made in the USA like their larger brethren, they are all designed with the same commitment to Paul W. Klipsch’s audio ideals.

The One is a portable Bluetooth tabletop audio system that provides excellent sound in a cool looking package. The One speaker hearkens back to the rich history and timeless design of the Klipsch Heritage Series. Shop Now

The Three tabletop stereo has Play-Fi wireless technology which enables it to be used as part of a multi-room streaming home audio set-up. The Three's built-in phono pre-amp allows the connection of a turntable to play vinyl. This brings the system full circle from the most modern technology to the original records which started it all…way back in 1946…in a little tin shed. Shop Now

The Sixes take their design cue from the Heresy and adds a built-in amplification, a phono pre-amp, Bluetooth connectivity, Sub-Woofer out, Optical input and USB in to connect to almost any audio source. The real wood veneer and spun-copper switches & knobs complete the speaker so it looks as good as it sounds. Shop Now