Keurig Canada's History and Values

In a way, Keurig Canada's story began almost a century ago, when the Van Houtte® grocery store first opened its doors in Montreal. It was home to one of several iconic Canadian coffee brands — later joined by Timothy's® World Coffee and Green Mountain Coffee® — that would unite under the umbrella of the innovative Keurig® brewing system. It all came together in 1993 through the ground-breaking idea of single-service coffee brewing.

Today, Keurig Canada continues to innovate in the beverage industry, devoted to sustainability, quality and the welfare of the people and places across the globe supporting these amazing products.

Why Keurig® Brewing System and Accessories Stand Out

Keurig® brewing systems pioneered an approach to coffee-making technology that stands out to this day. It's fast, easy to use and delivers a consistently great taste with every cup. An integral part of that appeal is the famous K-Cup® pod. Combine the plug-and-brew simplicity this innovation made possible with a range of accessories, including distinctive drinkware and replaceable coffee and water filters, and you have a product line that's user-friendly like no other.

With the benefits that come with Keurig®, your time can be focused exactly where it should be: enjoying a flavourful brew.

The K-Cup® Pod's Revolution and Evolution

The K-Cup® pod was, and is, nothing less than a revolution in creating a consistent and convenient delivery mechanism for quality coffee. Simply load the pod into your Keurig® brewer, close it and hit brew button, and the results are certain to be stellar. Today's pods come in more than 180 varieties representing brands like Starbucks®, Van Houtte®, Folgers®, Timothy's® and many more. The idea seems deceptively simple, yet the K-Cup® pod continues to stand apart from all attempts to imitate it as it evolves and improves.

The story of that evolution is also about Keurig Canada's commitment to coffee that improves all the lives it touches. That's why the quest for ever-greater sustainability has put the K-Cup® pod on track to be 100 percent recyclable by the end of 2018.

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A delicious cup of coffee may be its own reward, but knowing that you're enjoying both convenience and flavour while also doing what's right for our environment is even better. Reward yourself today by seeking out Keurig® and K-Cup® products online or at your nearest London Drugs.

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