Karen Marine Phytoplankton Tablets - 30's
Karen Marine Phytoplankton Tablets - 30's


Karen Marine Phytoplankton Tablets - 30's

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  • Vegan
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  • 100% Pure
  • Non GMO

The nutritional power of Karen marine phytoplankton now in a new convenient and easy-to-take tablet. The simplest way to take back your health! Always remember that Karen backs it all up with a 100% no hassle, money-back guarantee.

As one of the very first life forms on earth, phytoplankton has an incredibly rich history and quite an impressive track record of sustaining ocean life since the beginning of time. In fact, these microscopic marine plants have also generated and sustained most of the oxygen we breathe. How’s that for a résumé?

Quite literally, we’ve gone full-circle back to where it all started to bring this newly-discovered superfood to you.

Is it safe? Is it Health Canada approved?
Consuming phytoplankton is in the exact same category as eating kale, spinach, and broccoli, and is just as safe as buying vegetables in the grocery store. If anything, it may be safer because we do not use any pesticides or fertilizers, and it is non-gmo. Karen Marine Phytoplankton is a new discovery, and our strain is registered with Health Canada. Our growing facility/partner, Fitoplancton Marino in Spain, uses the highest level of food safety protocols to harvest and store the phytoplankton.

Have you added anything to the product?
No. The product contains only 100% pure marine phytoplankton. The measuring spoon provided contains 250,000,000,000 phytoplankton cells.

Are you taking away phytoplankton from the ocean? Is this sustainable?
We have a completely sustainable operation, and we guarantee no baby whales will go without because we now consume phytoplankton. We grow the phytoplankton on land, with filtered Atlantic Ocean water. We start with a seed, and under the right conditions, the phytoplankton cells multiply themselves into countless others. Over a period of approximately three months, we harvest the phytoplankton, freeze-dry it, and grind it into the powder which we offer.

Do I keep taking my other medication when I take phytoplankton?
Always remember; phytoplankton is just a food. It would be like asking if you should still stay on medication if you introduced spinach into your salad. One thing to keep in mind is that phytoplankton, like spinach and broccoli, has Vitamin K, which is a contraindication to pharmaceutical blood thinners (excluding aspirin). If you are on these types of blood thinners, you should have been made aware if you can eat green foods or not. If you are allowed to eat spinach, kale, and broccoli, you can eat Phytoplankton.

How much powder or how many tablets should I take every day?
The recommended dose is one tablet or 1/2 scoop one to four times a day. Most of our customers have reported finding one dose per day sufficient for their regular maintenance of good health. If you are looking for more profound results, please feel free to take up to 4 tablets or 4 X ½ scoops of powder per day. It is completely your choice and up to your discretion how much Karen for Good Health you wish to take

Why is the cost so high for a Karen product?
There are years of research behind each Karen product. Our partner, Fitoplancton Marino, in Spain has been researching and cultivating phytoplankton for over 16 years. There is continuous investment in research and development in our lab and facility in Spain. There are high-quality standards in the production phase and the facility holds the highest safety standards possible, ISO22000 and FSSC22000, HACCP and are all guaranteed by Fitoplancton Marino.

We are very proud of our low product return rate of less than 1%. Very few 1st time customers request a refund. We hope you make the investment in yourself and the maintenance of your good health and try one of our Karen products for 30 consecutive days.

Have there been any negative reactions or side effects?
No, we have never had a report of a negative reaction or side effect with someone eating our phytoplankton. Karen is allergen and contaminant free and as safe as kale, spinach or broccoli. Perhaps even safer, as we do not employ the use of pesticides or GMOs while growing this amazing sea vegetable. However, if you are on prescription blood thinners or thyroid medication and have been told to stay off greens, please consult your doctor or pharmacist, as Karen Marine Phytoplankton contains Vitamin K and Iodine. If you can eat kale, spinach, or broccoli, you can eat Phytoplankton.

What else is it good for?
As most customers find out; Phytoplankton is more than just an ordinary food. Being the foundation of the oceanic food chain and sustaining life in the ocean demands a lot of nutrition. Superfoods have been around for decades, but there are still unfulfilled gaps in human nutritional needs. The complete nutrition within our phytoplankton absorbs and resonates with the human body beyond historical Superfoods. If anything, pure marine phytoplankton could deserve its own classification. Any health professional would agree that complete nourishment keeps your body healthy. If you are missing certain nutritional elements that a human body needs, over time it will not operate properly. If your body receives these needed elements, then your body has the tools and ability to heal itself. In summary; complete nutrition is universal, and it follows the laws of cause and effect.

What is the difference between Karen and Spirulina, Chlorella and Blue-Green Algae?
Karen is phytoplankton. Phytoplankton is the foundation of nutrition that sustains the entire oceanic ecosystem. Spirulina, Chlorella, and Blue – Green Algae are all great products and are nutritious, but they are just an alga.

Should I take Karen with or without food? What if I have digestive issues and some food recommendations to follow?
In general, it doesn’t matter if you take Karen with or without food. It can be at the beginning of your day or in the afternoon. We recommend taking Karen phytoplankton first thing in the morning so you can enjoy it all day. If you have any digestion issues and have trouble taking Karen by itself, we recommend to take your phytoplankton and then immediately afterward eat some food.

Where and How is Karen Phytoplankton grown?
Karen is grown in a place where it is sunny and warm. Before Karen leaves the Health Canada approved warehouse in Sackville, New Brunswick to go to your place she is grown in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain at Fitoplancton Marino. There are many concerted efforts to get Karen to you. Karen is grown from seed. She starts in a flask, where she multiplies herself under a light and CO2. From the flask, she goes into a cylinder outside in a greenhouse that is around 10 feet tall and 2 feet wide. When the cylinder turns light green from the phytoplankton growing, they go from the greenhouse into the sunny Spain weather via tubes that are around 3 inches in diameter submerged in a pool of water that is similar to a swimming pool but only a foot deep. The pool is about the size of half a soccer field. The tubes go the length of the pool then do an 180-degree turn. They go back and forth the width of the pool. Karen continuously circulates in the tubes, multiplying all day and night until a few months later they have grown so much they get extracted looking like a vibrant green ketchup. This substance is pure Phytoplankton paste.

The paste is frozen at the same time taken to 2% moisture. After this happens, it gets ground into a powder which we use to make the Karen product. The whole process happens, utilizing the highest international safety standards which are ISO 22.000 and HACCP.

What can I expect after taking Karen for 30 days?
Everyone is built differently and has different genetics. Therefore we cannot promise a particular timeline when you will see results. From experience, most people see results after at least 30 days; you could have more energy and sleep better at nights or perhaps you have less inflammation pain. It all depends on you. Everybody is different.

What makes Karen better than other phytoplankton?
The position we take is that all Phytoplankton is great. We would be happy if you took phytoplankton regardless of the brand. Karen’s biggest strength is that she is the only brand that focuses solely on Phytoplankton from start to finish. This commitment and focus are what gives Karen tens of thousands of loyal fans enjoying the maintenance of good health. We pride ourselves at Blugenics as the leader in phytoplankton research, innovation, product reviews, and community building.
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