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iShieldz Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector for iPad Mini - IS3IPADM

Our Price

$19.99 While Quantities Last

Reg. $39.99


  • Protect your eyes from harmful Blue Light
  • Helps to regulate your sleep cycle
  • iShieldz Tempered Glass is made of triplex tempered glass 9 times stronger than normal glass
  • High transmittance assures maximum HD quality
  • Thin and light 0.33mm allows for maximum touch sensitivity and protection

Finding it hard to shut your brain off at night? Are the sheep piling up in your head? You may be feeling the effects of blue light.

Blue light is a form of artificial light emitted by our devices. Our phones, tablets and computers and TV's all emit this type of light that has negative affects you may not be aware of. We've all experienced the eye strain after a Netflix binge or reading a novel on our devices. Most devices are backlit; this means that the light source is behind the screen, so when you spend 3 hours staring directly at your screen the blue light emitted from the device is straining your eyes.

Coincidentally, blue light is also a likely reason you tend to stay up for 3 hours at night surfing the web and watching shows in the first place. Blue light interferes with your sleep by suppressing the brain's release of melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone that regulates when you're awake and when you need to sleep. So when you're exhausted but just can't sleep and grab your phone to kill time, you're spinning the vicious cycle of eye strain, headaches and fatigue. There's a way to stop it, without giving up those late night media cravings.

iShieldz Anti-Blue Light Tempered Glass Screen Protectors allow you to enjoy your late-night crosswords, novels and movies as you please. These screen protectors don't just protect your device from damage, but your eyes as well. Your screen is protected by the triplex tempered glass, which is 9 times stronger than normal glass and doesn't compromise clarity or touch sensitivity. Your eyes and your sleep benefit from the blue light filter. iShieldz Anti-Blue Light filters for harmful blue light, reducing the amount that reaches you by 90%. This means less eye strain, fewer headaches and better sleep for you – when you need it.


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