hydraSense Daily Nasal Care - Medium Stream - 100ml
hydraSense Daily Nasal Care - Medium Stream - 100ml


hydraSense Daily Nasal Care - Medium Stream - 100ml

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  • Clinically proven to help reduce and relieve nasal cold symptoms such as nasal obstruction and secretion, and related sinus pressure
  • 100% Natural-source seawater
  • Facilitates better breathing
  • Cleanses excessive mucus accumulation caused by colds, allergies and upper respiratory tract infections
  • Non-medicated solution without chemical additives
  • Suitable for regular or frequent use without rebound effects when used as directed.
  • For children aged 2+ and adults

hydraSense Daily Nasal Care products are 100% naturally-sourced seawater, clinically proven to reduce and relieve nasal cold symptoms and nasal congestion. You can use hydraSense Daily Nasal Care alongside your other cough and cold medications. With hydraSense, you can breathe better, with our science of the sea.

What is hydraSense Daily Nasal Care used for?
hydraSense nasal care is clinically proven to effectively reduce and relieve nasal cold symptoms and nasal congestion.

What is hydraSense Daily Nasal Care?

hydraSense® is 100% natural source*, sterile, undiluted seawater that helps reduce and relieve nasal cold symptoms such as nasal congestion and secretion, facilitating better breathing. It is free of any medications or preservatives.  hydraSense is the #1 saline nasal care brand in Canada.** *Except Eucalyptus **Data on file.

How often can hydraSense Daily Nasal Care be used?
hydraSense Daily Nasal Care should be used at least twice a day (morning and evening) and up to 4 to 6 times a day when cold or allergy symptoms are present,

Which stream type is right for me?
It depends on what comfort level you’re looking for. Gentle Mist (age 2+) is designated for sensitive noses and first-time users. Medium Stream (age 2+) has a higher water flow vs. Gentle Mist. Alternatively, you can move on to Full Stream (age 12+) for a more intense sensation.  All of them relieve nasal congestion.

What are the ingredients in hydraSense Daily Nasal Care?
hydraSense® Daily Nasal Care contains isotonic, undiluted, 100% natural-source seawater from the Bay of Saint-Malo, with over 70 trace elements and minerals naturally found in seawater. It does not contain any preservatives.

What is the benefit of the seawater from Saint-Malo?
Seawater all over the world is of different quality, depending on the power of the tides. In the Bay of Saint-Malo, the tides are very powerful, which means that the current constantly regenerates its mineral content. When our laboratories use this mineral-rich seawater, we start with a high-quality product and maintain its quality throughout desalination.

Can I use hydraSense with other cough & cold medications?
hydraSense products can be used alongside other cough and cold medications

Does hydraSense cause rebound congestion?
No. hydraSense is non-medicated and does not cause any rebound effects.

Are hydraSense nasal sprays sterile?
All hydraSense® products in the 100 mL and 210 mL formats expire only at the date indicated on the bottom of the box. Their SteriFlo® dispensing system prevents mucus from making its way inside the bottles, preventing contamination.
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    100% natural-source, undiluted seawater equivalent to 9 g/L (0.9%) sodium chloride and a combination of more than 70 marine trace elements.

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