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Math, science and engineering problems call for complex operations that ordinary calculators aren't designed for. That's where scientific calculators come in: made for trig functions, logarithms, exponent and memory capabilities and more. You can find the scientific calculator for your academic or career needs at London Drugs in-store or online.

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What Can Scientific Calculators Do?

Problems with scientific notation or a formula with a geometry component call for scientific calculators. These tools can provide answers to square roots and powers with a quick click. Likewise, scientific calculators make light work of finding math solutions for angles in easy-to-read formats of degrees or radians, depending on the manufacturer. They support needed calculations for students and specialists in trigonometry, physics, chemistry, statistics and other math-intensive fields.

How Do Scientific Calculators Compare to Graphing Calculators?

Graphing calculators solve complex functions too, but they also provide a visual display that helps students understand math and science concepts more clearly. Unlike scientific calculators, graphing calculators can help solve integral calculus, matrices and other advanced math problems. These tools have larger screens to accommodate the graphics displays. They have Wi-Fi capabilities to integrate data from devices such as light meters, decibel meters and electronic thermometers; scientific calculators lack this compatibility. Graphing calculators are significantly costlier than scientific calculators due to these advanced functions and features.

Which Calculator Should I Buy?

Before selecting a scientific or graphing calculator, review school or job calculation requirements. Ask which type is suitable for the classroom and exams. Scientific calculators are usually adequate for student needs, and graphing calculators are sometimes not permitted in school settings.

London Drugs has an extensive selection of high-quality calculators for every budget and function. When the task calls for more than basic arithmetic, shop London Drugs in-store or online for the scientific calculator that gets the job done.