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Canadians love their cats, from the cuddliest floofs to the elegantly aloof. You can find all the essentials to keep them purring with cat supplies online and in stores at London Drugs.

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Cat Accessories View All

  • Conair Pet Food Bowls - Chrome/Black Quick View
  • Multi-Surface Cat Scratcher Quick View
  • London Drugs Cat Scratcher with Catnip - 50 x 20 x 25cm Quick View
  • Clorox Bleach Free Pet Mess Remover - 709ml Quick View
  • Clorox Pet Mess Remover Wipes - 35's Quick View
  • London Drugs 2 Level Cat Tree - SG0268 Quick View
  • Conair Pet Medium Pin Brush - CP02C Quick View
  • Conair Pet Grooming Kit - 19 piece - CPG55RC Quick View
  • Conair Pet Combo Kit - 20 Piece - CPG81RC Quick View
  • Bling Blink Blinkers - Assorted Quick View
  • Cat Food & Treats View All

  • London Drugs Tuna Cat Food - 170g Quick View
  • Fancy Feast Cat Food Quick View
  • Purina Fancy Feast Poultry Pleaser Variety Pack - 12 x 85g Quick View
  • Whiskas Original Dry Cat Food - 4kg Quick View
  • Iams Cat Food - Weight Hairball Care - 7lbs Quick View
  • Whiskas Wet Cat Dinner - Whitefish and Tuna - 100g Quick View
  • Friskies Wet Cat Food - Pate Chef's Dinner - 156g Quick View
  • Whiskas Perfect Portions Entrée - Chicken - 2 x 37.5g Quick View
  • Fancy Feast Cat Food - Beef Pate - 85g Quick View
  • Whiskas Perfect Portion Cuts in Gravy - Salmon Entrée - 2 x 37.5g Quick View
  • Cat Litter View All

  • Arm & Hammer Ultra Last Cat Litter - 6.4kg Quick View
  • Tidy Cats Lightweight Free and Clean Unscented Cat Litter - 3.86kg Quick View
  • Okocat Wood Clumping Litter Quick View
  • Tidy Cats Instant Action - 6.3kg Quick View
  • Hartz Clumping Paper Litter - 2kg Quick View
  • Tidy Cats Glade Lightweight Cat Litter - 3.86kg Quick View
  • Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer Powder - 500g Quick View
  • Arm & Hammer Double Duty Cat Litter - 6.4kg Quick View
  • Arm & Hammer Clump and Seal Cat Litter - Multi Cat - 9.1kg Quick View
  • Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance Litter - 6.35kg Quick View
  • Cat Toys View All

  • Ducky World Yeowww Banana Singles - 1.3oz Quick View
  • Hartz Just for Cats Bend-A-Wand Cat Toy Quick View
  • Feather Dangler on Wand - 18 inch Quick View
  • Cataction Fish Ball Toy Quick View
  • Hartz Just for Cats Catnip - 1oz Quick View
  • Whirling Wiggler Spinner - Assorted Quick View
  • Hartz Mini Mice Cat Toy - Assorted - 5 pack Quick View
  • Petsport Kitty Fun Balls - 37-70033 Quick View
  • Hartz Cattraction Gator Scratch Toy for Cats - Assorted Quick View
  • Petsport Kitty Freak Feather Cat Toy - Assorted Quick View
  • Cat Supplies That Keep Your Feline Happy and Healthy

    Whether you're a new cat owner or been with your furry friend for a while, choosing the right cat supplies are essential to keeping your kitty happy and healthy.

    Cat Food

    Cats are better than a clock when it comes to remembering meal times. Whether they chow down on wet or dry food, fish or poultry flavours, London Drugs carries a range of recognized cat food and treat brands to meet their needs. Support their health and stage of life (kitten, adult or senior) nutritional requirements with options for weight management, hairballs, oral health and more.

    Cat Litter & Litter Boxes

    Changing litter often encourages good elimination habits and keeps the home fresh and tidy. London Drugs carries essentials like litter boxes, scoopers, litter deodorizer and cat litter in a variety of formulations based on kitty preferences, owner convenience, odor control and eco-friendliness.

    Cat Toys

    Cat toys are sometimes overlooked as a component of feline health. While playing with a cat can be a lot of fun, playtime also serves a biological function, letting cats exercise their natural instincts. A large and regularly renewed pool of toys for stalking, pouncing and safe biting helps keep kitties in top form and their people endlessly entertained.

    Cat Trees

    Cat trees give furry friends a safe lookout and landing place that's acceptable to the whole family. Support their natural climbing instinct with a dedicated cat tree with optional features such as a hiding place, scratching post or toy attachments.


    Another aspect of feline health is nail maintenance. Kitty claws need to be trimmed and maintained, and providing a cat scratcher in good condition is the best way to cut down on damaged carpets, furniture and other textiles. Cardboard, sisal or carpet-style scratchers are appealing to cats; just don't forget to replace them once they wear out.

    Cat Supplies for Every Feline

    Food and litter are essential to feline well-being, as are supplies and accessories to support natural cat behaviours such as climbing, scratching and chasing in safe, family-friendly ways. Shop from a wide array of cat supplies online and in-store at London Drugs to keep kitty happy, healthy and well-fed.