Irons and Fabric Steamers

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  • Shark Professional Iron - Blue/Grey - GI405C Quick View
  • Conair Extreme Steam Handheld Steamer - GS38C Quick View
  • T-fal Ultra Glide Iron - FV2622QO Quick View
  • T-fal Aquaspeed Auto Clean Iron - Blue - FV5375 Quick View
  • T-fal Optiglide Iron - FV1537Q0 Quick View
  • CHI Professional Clothes Iron - 13101C Quick View
  • CHI Electronic Clothes Iron - 13102C Quick View
  • Black & Decker Cord Reel Iron - Green - ICR06X Quick View
  • Conair Compact Fabric Steamer - GS88C Quick View
  • Sunbeam Non-Stick Steam Iron - GCSBBV-202-033 Quick View
  • Easy-On Speed Starch - 567g Quick View
  • Black & Decker Value Steam Iron - Purple - IR04VC Quick View
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Irons and fabric steamers are mainstays in most homes, helping to keep laundry and linens unwrinkled and attractive. Irons are useful for most fabric types and are easy to store and maintain. Fabric steamers are available both in easy-to-tote travel sizes as well as larger sizes meant for more common use. London Drugs offers many different types of both irons and steamers so you can choose the option that best fits your needs.

Irons: A Household Clothing Staple

Irons have been a staple of clothing and linen upkeep for centuries, dating back to old solid-metal implements that were heated in the oven before use. Modern corded irons, and cordless travel varieties, are much simpler to use but still just as necessary to press your household linens and clothing.

Irons can be set to a variety of heating levels to be effective with various fabric types from low-heat polyester to high-heat cotton. Most irons also allow you to add water to a special tank, to enable steam pressing to get out particularly stubborn wrinkles. The small size of irons makes them a cinch to store.

Versatile and Portable Fabric Steamers

Fabric steamers range from hand-held options with small water tanks that are the perfect size for steaming a handful of garments, to large pieces of equipment with a built-in rack for hanging your clothes and a large tank for water.

Steaming releases wrinkles, just as irons do, but have the advantage of being usable in an upright position. This is especially handy for fabrics and linens that have awkward angles or wouldn’t lie well on an ironing board. Additionally, fabric steamers can make short work of taking the wrinkles out of many pieces of linens and clothing.

Iron or Fabric Steamer: Which Better Suits You?

Irons and fabric steamers can each make a huge difference in how you manage your linens and remove unsightly wrinkles. Whether you prefer traditional irons to take out every day creases or would benefit from an upright fabric steamer that can handle nearly any type of material, London Drugs has many options available online or at the location nearest to you.