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Start tracking and managing your weight with bathroom scales. London Drugs carries a variety of bathroom scales ranging from analogue and digital scales to smart scales that provide additional information, such as estimates of BMI and muscle mass. It's this daily knowledge that gives you the power to make more informed choices about your health.

Bathroom scales are sleeker and more streamlined than ever, with designs that add to a room's aesthetic. Shop at London Drugs today for bathroom scales that suits your needs.

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  • Taylor Body Fat Bathroom Scale - 57804073FEF Quick View
  • Laica Mechanical Bathroom Scale - 300lb Max - PS2023W-CA Quick View
  • Taylor Mixed Mat. Bath Scale - 74264103EF Quick View
  • Laica Body Composition Bathroom Scale - 400lb Max - PS5050 Quick View
  • Laica Glass Bathroom Scale - 400lb Max - PS8257 Quick View
  • Taylor Bathroom Scale - 75284073EF Quick View
1 - 6 of 19