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An electric skillet is a useful addition to any kitchen. A versatile time-saver, it’s also highly portable and can cook delicious meals when you don’t have access to traditional kitchen appliances. London Drugs offers a full line of electric skillets for your everyday needs.

What Is an Electric Skillet?

An electric skillet is a standalone cooking appliance that uses corded power to provide the level of heat you need. It’s known for ensuring even cooking and faster meal preparation times. The electric skillet cam be a one-piece solution that connects directly to the heating element, or it could feature a higher-end removable pots to craft exactly the dish you most want to cook.

Most electric skillets come with deep cooking vessels to easily accommodate stews, chilis or casseroles. Many have further features such as non-stick coating or dishwasher-safe cleaning convenience, great for the cook who doesn’t want to lose time and energy to scraping or scrubbing their pots and pans. You can choose between round and square electric skillets.

What Can You Do with an Electric Skillet?

Electric skillets can do plenty of what you might normally do on the stove top or using machines like slow cookers or pressure cookers. Some of the major cooking functions your electric skillet supports will include frying, searing or sautéing your meat or meat-substitute patties.

Many electric skillets offer vented lids or even vented cooking pans to make steaming and roasting functions possible. You can also use generously sized electric skillets to combine casseroles or stews that have many ingredients. Electric skillets that have removable pans support easy transportation of your dish after it has finished cooking.

Electric skillets come in a variety of sizes and tend overall to be very convenient to use and even easier to clean. When you’re in the market for a new electric skillet for yourself or to gift to a loved one, shop online or visit your nearest London Drugs to find the best options for you!