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  • Rival Variable Temperature Roaster Oven - RO161B-31LD Quick View


    Rival Variable Temperature Roaster Oven - RO161B-31LD

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    Zojirushi Fish Roaster - EF-VPC40

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Electric Roasters: The Compact Meal-Maker

An electric roaster provides a second, self-contained oven in which to roast, bake, steam and slow-cook a wide variety of meals. One of its most common roles is roasting turkey, ham or other traditional holiday meals, but a roaster's uses go beyond that. No matter what it's cooking, an electric roaster can help free up space in a kitchen's regular oven, making it possible to prepare a wider variety of dishes at one time. It can also act as a buffet server once the food is cooked, keeping meals consistently warm on occasions like potlucks, block parties or large-scale community events where there are lots of hungry mouths to feed.

Roaster ovens vary in size from 5 to 22 quarts. The larger models, like the Rival Electric Roaster, can accommodate a 24-pound turkey. With all the options and added flexibility it allows, a quality roaster is a valuable addition to any kitchen.

Roasting Pans: A Kitchen Essential

If a roaster is a terrific supplementary appliance, quality roasting pans are essential foundation pieces of a well-stocked kitchen. Having the right roasting pan makes it easier to use an oven for all kinds of culinary pursuits beyond just roasting. It can be used to braise meats, poultry and vegetables, to prepare sauces and to bake large-batch dishes like lasagna. Generally, it's best to select a roasting pan that's sturdy, equipped with handles for easy retrieval and the right size for the cook to lift with one hand. It should also accommodate roasting racks to allow air to circulate under the food as it cooks.

Find the Best Option for Your Kitchen

Delivering memorable meals for family and friends is all about having the right tools. To get the convenience and versatility of an electric roaster oven or the utility of a good roasting pan, visit London Drugs today to find the roasting alternative that fits your kitchen and lifestyle.