Rice Cookers

Rice Cookers

The set-it-and-forget-it convenience of a rice cooker is hard to beat. Even small rice cookers with the simplest features make it easy to get perfectly prepared rice every time with minimal cleanup. Larger rice cookers with multiple settings and features can prepare meals to feed the whole family or supply leftovers for a week, for those on the go.

Browse our large selection of rice cookers today to find one that suits your needs.

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  • Oster Digital Rice Cooker - 20 cup - 3071-33 Quick View
  • Black & Decker 6 Cup Rice Cooker - RC506C Quick View
  • Cuckoo 6 cup Rice Cooker - Red/White - CR-0655F Quick View
  • Tiger Rice Cooker - 5.5 Cups - JAX-S10U Quick View
  • Tiger Rice Cooker - 10 Cups - JAX-S18U Quick View
  • Cuckoo 6 cups Pressure Rice Cooker - Black/Rose Brown - CRP-P0609S Quick View
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Choosing the Right Rice Cooker for You

Size & Counter Space

When choosing a rice cooker, first you’ll have to determine how many people you’ll be feeding as well as how much counter space you have. Small rice cookers may take up less space on your countertop or cupboard. A 4-6-cup or more (up to 20 cups) rice cooker could be a better choice for those with a family or for those who enjoy rice with every meal.

More Than Just White Rice

Some Rice cookers can also do double-duty for preparing dishes like porridge or can be used as a steamer for your vegetables. Also, some models have the ability to cook different kinds of rice, like brown or mixed rice. Cut down on the gadgets by getting just one with plenty of capacity, accessories or specialized settings.

Additional Features

In addition to the volume and settings or capabilities, it's worth comparing convenience. For those who hate hand-washing, a dishwasher-safe cooking component is a must-have. A built-in timer makes it easy to customize the cooking time. Included accessories like a steamer basket, measuring cups, spatula or non-stick bowl make getting started easy.

Take a Rice Cooker Home Today

The right rice cooker adds convenience to your kitchen and makes preparing perfectly cooked rice a breeze. Shop for rice cookers online or in-store at your local London Drugs.