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Getting to Know the Electric Toothbrush

Maybe you've heard electric toothbrushes get your teeth cleaner but don't know how to find the best electric toothbrush for your needs. Or maybe you're interested in some of the newer features like Bluetooth toothbrush technology or flossing-action toothbrush heads but aren't sure how they fit with your day-to-day routine. London Drugs has the answers you need.

Electric Toothbrush FAQs

Are electric toothbrush heads interchangeable?

All electric toothbrush heads are not interchangeable. First, check the packaging for compatibility with your toothbrush model to be sure the toothbrush head will fit. Next, shop for functions that meet your personal needs, such as sensitive teeth, flossing action and so on.

Can an electric toothbrush replace flossing?

Brushing cleans the surface of your teeth. Flossing cleans between the teeth and below the gum line and is important for maintaining gum health. Electric toothbrushes and flossing-action toothbrush heads can clean deeper than traditional styles but don't entirely replace flossing.

Are electric toothbrushes allowed on planes?

Yes, you can fly with your electric toothbrush in a carry-on or checked luggage. Remove batteries or pack the toothbrush in a hard case to avoid buttons getting pressed in transit. Also, don't forget toothpaste counts as a liquid if you're taking it in a carry-on, and remember to seal it in plastic to protect against spills.

When do I charge my electric toothbrush?

If your electric toothbrush has a charging base, you can store it on that base after every use. If it has a removable battery, replace the standard or rechargeable batteries when you notice the power starting to decline. Some models have a charging indicator light to tell you when the power is getting low.

Where should I store my electric toothbrush?

All toothbrushes should be stored upright in a clean, dry environment as far from the toilet as possible. Don't lay them flat or hide them away in a case or narrow medicine cabinet. If your toothbrush has a charging base, you need access to power, so a bedroom or other bathroom-adjacent room can be a good choice.

Shop the Latest in Electric Toothbrush Technology

Get clean teeth and healthy gums with electric toothbrushes. Shop the London Drugs electric toothbrush selection for next-gen Bluetooth technology, replacement heads for a variety of models and brushing preferences, and kid-friendly and charging styles.