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Cosmetics can enhance your natural beauty by accentuating, correcting and perfecting. Whether you're hoping for barely-there natural results for daytime wear or dramatic effects for nighttime, London Drugs can help you stock up on the makeup you need to achieve your desired look.

Define and Accentuate Lips and Eyes

At London Drugs, you'll find a huge selection of lip and eye makeup from top brands. You can purchase eye shadow cosmetics in single colors and multi-hued palettes to bring out your eye color and contour your lids. Complete your eye makeup look with liquid or pencil eyeliner and lengthen and volumize your lashes with mascara. Our eye makeup products include waterproof mascara and liner options that remain in place without smudging or streaking. For your lips, you'll find lipstick, lip gloss, lip plumper and lip liner in a rainbow of shades.

Perfect and Enhance Your Complexion

Facial cosmetics can boost your confidence by disguising discoloration, blemishes and other imperfections and correcting your skin tone. London Drugs carries a full range of face cosmetics with foundation, concealer and powder in shades for every skin tone. You'll also find blush, bronzer and highlighter for contouring your complexion in our unbeatable selection.

Professional Mani-Pedis at Home

With nail care products from London Drugs, you can pamper your hands and feet. Bring the salon to your home with nail implements like scissors and files and treatments that condition and strengthen the nails. You can give yourself straight-from-the-spa mani-pedis at home with base coats, top coats and colored nail polish from popular brands.

All the Essentials for Makeup Storage and Application

Applying, removing and storing your beauty products is easy with accessories and tools from London Drugs. Browse our inventory to find brushes, sponges and other applicators for applying everything from eye shadow to lipstick. Cleanse and purify your skin with one of the many makeup removers available in our easy-to-shop online store. We have a wide range of options, including products capable of removing waterproof mascara and gel manicures. Keep your lipstick, eye shadow, concealer and other cosmetics neatly organized at home and on-the-go in fashionable cosmetics bags and purses.