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Make Home a Safe, Comfortable Place

It is possible for many people with chronic medical conditions and mobility concerns to remain comfortably and safely in their own homes. Home health care products allow individuals who have difficulty getting around or who are under a doctor's care for a health problem live life to the fullest. London Drugs can help you find the right products for yourself or your loved one. We have a huge selection of home health care solutions available for you to purchase online and in stores.

Assistance for Limited Mobility

Whether at home or on the go, mobility aids give individuals who have difficulty walking greater independence. Canes and walkers make it easier to remain balanced by supporting a user's weight, while scooters give people with mobility concerns the ability to ride in comfort. Safety aids like rails and raised toilet seats can be installed in the bathroom and other parts of the home to reduce the risk of falls. Those who have difficulty dressing can benefit from adaptive clothing, which is easier to get on and off.

Managing Medical Conditions at Home

Home health care products can contribute to the success of a care plan for a chronic condition. Blood pressure monitors and other devices can be used to monitor vital signs at home and help physicians assess how well treatment is working. Pill minders and other health care aids make administering medications and other interventions at home a whole lot easier. Nutrition products like meal replacements reduce the risk of nutritional deficiencies in those with restrictive diets or a loss of appetite. Incontinence aids allow individuals to stay comfortable.