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London Drugs Eye & Ear Care – a complete range of eye & ear care accessories, including contact lenses solutions, eye drops & dryness relief, reading eyeglasses & accessories and ear wax removal products. Our convenient shopping filters let you find trusted brands at great prices.  

London Drugs has eye and vision care accessories for the whole family. Contact lenses wearers can look to our selection of quality brand name contact lens solutions, including Abbott, Alcon, Bausch & Lomb, Clear Care cleaning, lubricating, conditioning and multi-purpose solutions and rinses. For those who need a little help reading the fine print, we carry reading eyeglasses in the 1.25 to 3.25 range, along with every day eyeglass accessories and sportswear retainers. You’ll also find children’s eye patches, soothing eye “tears” and lubricants for dryness relief and special formulas for itchy, red allergy eyes.

Ears need special care, too. Swimmers who can develop a painful condition known as swimmer’s ear. Check out our specialty wrap bands for children to protect ears when swimming, showering or bathing. Older children and adult swimmers can look to our assortment of watertight ear plugs, designed for extended wear.

Exposure to noisy environments can cause permanent hearing damage. Protect your hearing with soft foam disposable ear plugs. Excess ear wax can cause temporary hearing loss and you’ll find ear wax removal drops for safe, easy wax removal.

Whether you’re looking for a new pair of reading glasses or ear plugs for work, you’ll find a wide assortment of eye & ear care products when you shop online at London Drugs.