Electric Shavers

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  • Remington Pivot & Flex Replacement Head for F4790 - SP290 Quick View
  • Remington Replacement MicroScreen & Cutter - SP-69 Quick View
  • Philips Moisturizing Shaving Conditioner - HS800 Quick View
  • Braun 32S/Series 3-370 Replacement Head Quick View
  • Philips Shaving Heads - SH70/53 Quick View
  • Philips 5000 AquaTouch Electric Shaver - S5400/08 Quick View
  • Braun Series 9-9295CC Shaver - Silver - 87854 Quick View
  • Philips Series 5000 Dry Electric Shaver - S5340/08 Quick View
  • Remington Head & Cutter Assembly - SPR-PRA Quick View
  • Philips Series 7000 Electric Shaver - S7710/15 Quick View
  • Braun Series 5-5190 Electric Shaver - 5-5190CC Quick View
  • Philips 9000 Series Replacement Shaving Heads - HQ9/40 Quick View
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Electric Shavers for Everybody

For an easier, faster solution for hair trimming and removal, London Drugs offers many models of electric shaver, devices to meet your unique needs.

What an Electric Shaver Can Do for You

A manual, straight or cartridge razor can give a very close shave, but it also dulls quickly, causes more skin irritation, takes longer and may cost more in razor head replacements and shaving products over time than an electric shaver. Electric razors offer a more customized approach to hair grooming. Trim with precision and length guides to get a close shave or to maintain facial hair that suits your look.

Electric shavers are also more accessible for beginners than other tools. Men and women with sensitive skin appreciate the reduced risk of razor burn, cuts and ingrown hairs. Teens and other newcomers to personal grooming tend to have a faster learning curve and a safer experience with epilators and electric shavers than with straight or safety razors

Electric hair removal devices can work well on complex areas like facial or intimate area grooming and full body hair removal. Shavers for men and women are often designed and marketed with specific needs in mind, such as products for beard trimming, but don't be afraid to shop across the aisle if the features meet your requirements.

Electric Shavers for Travellers

Electric shavers are actually a great choice when you travel. Because their blades are small and fixed, they don't pose a threat for air travel and are allowed in carry-ons. They also tend to require fewer supplies such as shaving cream, making it easier to travel light. Just be careful to pack battery-powered razors securely so they don't switch on mid-flight.

Electric Shavers for Your Personal Grooming Needs

Electric shavers are a great choice for use at home or on the go. You can find the perfect device for your needs by considering where and how you'll be using it and any personal style preferences or skin sensitivities. Shop our wide selection of electric shavers and replacement heads for men and women today!