Greenpan 3D Dimple OFP Frypan - 26cm

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Ribbed surface has excellent heat transfer and is ideal for searing, with optimal oil distribution for even frying results.  Use for meat and poultry.

All frypans are not created equal when it comes to a diverse diet. Why should they be the same, when you don’t always cook the same food?

Created with your specific everyday cooking needs in mind, GreenPan™ proudly introduces a new Thermolon™ ceramic non-stick, now with a physical attribute to make your cooking experience virtually effortless. Join our revolution with our unique collection of 3D cookware, fashioned for particular food categories. Included in our innovative new designs is a flat surface for protein rich foods like eggs, a dimpled surface for fish and veggies and a raised ribbed surface for meat and poultry. And because you have enough to remember throughout the day, our handles are made to remind you which pan cooks what. Yes, it’s just that simple.

Healthy cooking is not only about the foods you use: it is also about the right cookware. We are aware of what we eat and cooking has become really “hot’. We make non-stick pans that allow you to prepare great dishes. All the products look great: premium materials in a clever design.  But most of all: GreenPan™ performs!

The patented Thermolon™ non-stick technology is heat resistant up to high temperatures. This means that GreenPan™ has an extra safety feature; if you overheat your pan, even up to 450/850oF, no toxic fumes will be released and the coating will not blister or peel. Thermolon™ is a better heat conductor than traditional coatings.  The thermal performance enables superb searing and crispy frying! The excellent heat distribution also allows even cooking, which makes the food brown beautifully. It allows you to mostly cook on low to medium temperatures.

Above all, the Thermolon™ healthy ceramic non-stick surface provides great non-stick and is very easy to clean.

  • GreenPan tries to produce products as responsibly as possible.
  • GreenPan™ products are cadmium- and lead-free
  • GreenPan™ products are manufactured without PFOA
  • 60% less CO2 is emitted during the curing phase of production of Thermolon™ coatings, compared to the emissions during the curing phase of production of traditional coatings on an aggregate level worldwide
  • We process post-manufactured materials into new products. Therefore we use upcycled stainless steel for the handles and upcycled aluminium for the cookware bodies
  • Uses Thermolon™ healthy ceramic non-stick coating
  • Thermolon™ is heat resistant up to 850oF
  • Extremely scratch resistant, excellent non-stick properties, very easy to clean
  • Oven and broiler safe
  • Safe with plastic, rubber or wooden utensils, not metal utensil safe
  • Hand wash recommended
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