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Become a Zero Waste Superhero Today

good natured® celebrates the everyday green hero. It could be that you find creative ways to reuse or donate household items. It can be as simple as sorting out your waste, recyclables and organics. If you're doing your part to keep our planet healthy, you're one of those heroes.

When your recycling and compost bins are as good for the planet as you are, that's taking it to the next level! Get your bins from good natured® and become a zero waste superhero. It's just one of many good natured® products made here in Canada that help make every day an eco-friendly day. Check out their site to see all that they have to offer.

Compost bin

Spacious and Durable Bin Designs

good natured® bins are made with cutting-edge bioplastic technology. Recyclers come in classic Sapphire with a heavy-duty design and an unmistakable, iconic look. With curbside, desktop and tall options, there's a recycler to fit anywhere in your home or office. The 25L Handy Recycler even comes with a sturdy handle for easy transport – top bins!

Compost collectors come in a sporty Graphite with super-durable material that will withstand tough deep cleans. An activated charcoal filter ensures that yummy compost smells don’t escape, and comes in 6L and tall 8L sizes.

Peace of Mind with Bioplastics

When you see something labelled as a "bioplastic", that simply means the material must contain a minimum of 25% bio-based or “plant-based” content. Even better, good natured® products are made with the highest possible percentage of plant-based materials, which in this case means 90% - that’s more like it!

For the good natured® team, being eco-friendly goes further than sorting your waste. By using bioplastics with the highest possible percentage of plant-based material, they can be certain that all of their products are sustainably sourced, free of chemicals of concern, and have lower production carbon footprint than traditional plastics.

Their world-class team of scientists, entrepreneurs and retailers drives an eco-friendly business vision that has produced over 100 plant-based food packaging designs and 30 home and business items.

Check out good natured® products at London Drugs; you'll discover better everyday products® that make going green a piece of cake!

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  • Good Natured Tall Recycler - 39L Quick View

    Good Natured Tall Recycler - 39L

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  • Good Natured Curbside Recycler - 53L Quick View

    Good Natured Curbside Recycler - 53L

    • $17.99

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  • Good Natured Desktop Recycler - 11L Quick View

    Good Natured Desktop Recycler - 11L

    • $8.99

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  • Tall Compost Collector - 8L Quick View


    Tall Compost Collector - 8L

    • $14.99

    • Reg. $19.99

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  • Kitchen Compost Collector - 6L Quick View


    Kitchen Compost Collector - 6L

    • $12.99

    • Reg. $13.99

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