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Chips & Dips View All

  • Riceworks Gourmet Brown Rice Crisps - Sea Salt - 155g Quick View
  • Rice Works Chips - Salsa Fresca - 155g Quick View
  • Paldo Crab Chips - 50g Quick View
  • Pringles Potato Chips - Buffalo Ranch - 156g Quick View
  • Way Better Snack - Nacho Cheese - 156g Quick View
  • Old Dutch Restaurante Salsa - Medium - 430ml Quick View
  • Tostitos Medium Hot Salsa - Roasted Red Pepper - 423ml Quick View
  • Ruffles Creamy Ranch Dip - 425g Quick View
  • Kameda Crisps - Wasabi with Peanuts - 142g Quick View
  • Old Dutch Potato Chips - Ketchup - 255g Quick View
  • Cookies & Wafers View All

  • Newman's Own Ginger Cookies - 226g Quick View
  • Oreo Thins Bites - Coconut Crème - 170g Quick View
  • Enjoy Life Gluten Free Crunchy Cookies - Double Chocolate - 179g Quick View
  • Fox's Crinkle Crunch Biscuit - Ginger - 200g Quick View
  • Glico Pocky Pejoy - 32g Quick View
  • Loacker Quadratini - Vanilla - 250g Quick View
  • Forno Bonomi Italian Amaretti Biscuits - 200g Quick View
  • Glutino Gluten Free Wafer Cookie - Lemon - 200g Quick View
  • Crawford's Nice Biscuits - 200g Quick View
  • Peek Freans LifeStyle Shortcake Cookies - 290g Quick View
  • Crackers & Rice Cakes View All

  • Nairns Organic Oat Crackers - 250g Quick View
  • Pepperidge Farm Flavour Blasted Goldfish - Xplosive Pizza - 180g Quick View
  • Hot Kid Rice Crisps - Sesame - 100g Quick View
  • Breton Black Bean Gluten Free Crackers - Onion & Garlic - 120g Quick View
  • Quaker Crispy Minis - Sea Salt and Lime - 100g Quick View
  • Dare Breton Veggie Bites - 200g Quick View
  • Christie Good Thins The Rice One - Simply Salt - 100g Quick View
  • Bin Bin Rice Cracker - Coconut - 150g Quick View
  • Dare Veggie Crisps - Zesty Ranch - 100g Quick View
  • Pepperidge Farm Cheddar Goldfish made with Whole Grain - 180g Quick View
  • Dried Fruit & Fruit Snacks View All

  • London Orchards Sultana Raisins - 200g Quick View
  • London Orchard Whole Dried Apricots - 200g Quick View
  • London Orchard Deluxe Dried Mix - Tree Fruit - 250g Quick View
  • H&H Thai Honey Mango Chips - 40g Quick View
  • Hungry Buddha Coconut Jerky - Teriyaki - 40g Quick View
  • Dare Bear Paws Mixed Fruit - 6 pack Quick View
  • London Orchard Sweetened Dried Mango Pieces - 200g Quick View
  • H&H Healthy and Happy  - Thai Premium Mix- 180g Quick View
  • Hungry Buddha Coconut Jerky - Jalapeno Lime - 40g Quick View
  • Sun-Rype Fruit To Go - Apple Raspberry - 14g Quick View
  • Jerky & Meat Snacks View All

  • Jack Link's Beef Steak - Original - 28g Quick View
  • Lorissa`s Kitchen Beef  Jerky - Szechuan Peppercorn - 63g Quick View
  • Kam Yen Jan Chinese Sausage - 375g Quick View
  • Johnny Canuck Pepperoni - 60g Quick View
  • Jack Link's Beef Jerky - Original - 230g Quick View
  • McSweeney Beef Jerky - Original - 80g Quick View
  • Jack Links Pork Jerky - Korean BBQ - 80g Quick View
  • Devour Beef Jerky - Smokehouse Chipotle - 70g Quick View
  • Hungry Buddha Coconut Jerky - Teriyaki - 40g Quick View
  • Lorissa's Kitchen Beef Jerky - Korean Barbeque - 63g Quick View
  • Nuts, Seeds & Trail Mix View All

  • Dan-D-Pak Raw Almonds - 100g Quick View
  • Dan-D-Pak Ranger Mix - 170g Quick View
  • Prana Black Chia Seeds - Organic - 300g Quick View
  • London Plantation Hazelnuts - 300g Quick View
  • Spitz Sunflower - Salted - 210g Quick View
  • Waterbridge Sesame Snacks - 3 pack/108g Quick View
  • London Plantations Whole Cashews - Roasted and Salted - 400g Quick View
  • London Gourmet Snack Mix - Monster - 350g Quick View
  • London Plantation Pecan Halves - 454g Quick View
  • London Plantation Peanuts - Jalapeno & Cheddar - 400g Quick View
  • Popcorn & Pretzels View All

  • Orville Redenbacher's Movie Theatre Popcorn - Butter - 150g Quick View
  • Flipz White Fudge Pretzels - 120g Quick View
  • G.H. Cretors Organic Popped Corn - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 125g Quick View
  • Kernels Shaker - Cheddar - 110g Quick View
  • Pauly Snack Sticks - 250g Quick View
  • G.H. Cretors Popped Corn - Chicago Mix - 213g Quick View
  • Skinny Pop Popcorn - White Cheddar - 125g Quick View
  • Smartfood Popcorn - Jalapeno & Cheddar - 180g Quick View
  • Pop Time Popcorn - Sweet & Salty - 198g Quick View
  • L.B. Maple Treat Popcorn - 100g Quick View
  • Snacks

    London Drugs Snacks – top brand name snacks, cookies & crackers, chips, dried fruit & fruit snacks, meat snacks, trail mix, nuts & seeds, popcorn, pretzels. 

    London Drugs offers a wide selection of savoury snacks for kids’ lunches, sweet and salty treats for game and movie nights or when entertaining friends and family. 

    Browse our selection of cookie & crackers for fancy and imported cookies, including shortbread, biscotti, wafers and Danish butter cookies. Choose traditional chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies or select your favourites from an array of gluten-free options. Throwing a party? Cheeses and dips need crackers and you’ll find choice brands like Walkers, wasa, Ryvita, Grissol, Kashi and more. Rice cakes and corn crisps add crunch and flavour to assorted toppings and you’ll find many to choose from.

    Whether you’re hosting a game day gathering or sitting down to movie night with the family, be sure your bowls are brimming with savoury, tangy snacks like popcorn, pretzels and chips. 

    Work and school day lunches can be challenging. Wondering what to pack? Take a look at our wide selection of tasty meat snacks. Find traditional beef jerky flavours or try something new. Kids will enjoy our dried fruit & fruit snacks, from strawberry mini bites to individually wrapped Fruit to go strips in a plethora of berry and fruit flavours. You can never go wrong with boxed raisins and yogurt covered raisins and they make a great complement to trail mix and other mixed nuts & seeds.     

    Our assortment of healthy snacks and delectable nibbles has something for even the most devoted snack enthusiast. Have your order shipped to your address or shipped to a neighbourhood London Drugs store.