Film Processing

Film Processing

Even in this digital age, film photography is still a passion for many people, and the processing of that film is a passion London Drugs shares with you. Our quality of service ensures you get the most out of those careful shots you took using film. A beautiful medium known for its slower pace and making the most of natural light, film photography definitely still has its place in the world and requires the utmost in expertise for the results you desire.

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Bringing You the Best Film Processing Results Possible

London Drugs offers stellar photo film development, processing and printing in the Photolab. Within the labs, photo experts inspect and colour-correct each image they receive for superior quality. While all London Drugs stores offer film processing services, only select locations can process film on site. What’s more, these select locations can often process your film in just one hour, so you get to see the fabulous results quickly. Locations without an on-site film processor offer 2-3 day service. Contact your local London Drugs to get an exact turnaround time.

London Drugs goes that extra step by using patented inks and the highest-resolution printing in the industry, resulting in excellent definition in your images and rich colour, no matter the type of film source. LD Photo Experts can digitize your film for extra peace of mind, putting the images onto a CD, DVD or USB drive. The digitized film can also be uploaded to a London Drugs Photolab account. Bring your personal photos into any London Drugs location today to see the results for yourself.

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Processing Your Favourite Types of Film

Bring toy, pinhole and disposable cameras to the department’s service counter, or drop off C-41 process rolls (35mm, 110, 126 and APS) and E-6 slide film for quality processing. The Photo Department can scan and print already developed film, such as 35mm negatives and slides. While many labs no longer offer these services due to the increasing popularity of digital photography, London Drugs believes photo film processing still has a place alongside digital.

Your treasured slides and negatives are in good hands within the Photolab. LD Photo Experts can redevelop old family photos to pass down to the next generation and duplicate slides of unforgettable trips and vacations, while properly preserving the original colour and quality.

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Get Exactly What You Want With Great Photo Paper Options

When it comes to printing the photos, get the paper selection you prefer. When you order prints, the LD Photo Expert will help you choose from various photo finishes. Select the photo paper you desire from traditional glossy or pearl. Glossy has a shiny finish that gives the image a striking colour and contrast, while pearl paper has a slightly satin feel and smooth, pro-like appearance. You can also choose white borders or borderless prints.

Specialty papers are available as an alternative to photo paper. Your print options include Fine Arts paper such as classic canvas, metallic paper and bamboo. These choices let you customize your photo prints any way you want, whether they're for you to cherish or a heart-warming gift for someone special.