Vinyl Records

Round out your music collection with vinyl records from London Drugs. Whether you're a long-time vinyl purist or have just discovered the wonders of the format, London Drugs has you covered with a selection of records from artists of all genres and eras.

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  • City And Colour - Bring Me Your Love - 2 LP Vinyl Quick View

    City And Colour - Bring Me Your Love - 2 LP Vinyl

    • $25.99

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  • City and Colour - Sometimes (Limited Edition) - 180g Vinyl Quick View

    City and Colour - Sometimes (Limited Edition) - 180g Vinyl

    • $26.99

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  • Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits - Vinyl Quick View

    Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits - Vinyl

    • $26.99

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  • Del Rey, Lana - Born To Die - Vinyl Quick View

    Del Rey, Lana - Born To Die - Vinyl

    • $22.99

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  • Beck - Guero - Vinyl Quick View

    Beck - Guero - Vinyl

    • $24.99

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  • Eminem - The Eminem Show - Vinyl Quick View

    Eminem - The Eminem Show - Vinyl

    • $29.99

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1 - 6 of 344

Collecting Vinyl Records

Vinyl records don't just provide great sound quality. They also make wonderful collector's items. The larger size means that vinyl inner sleeves and outer jackets are often beautiful artworks and in many cases include information about the artists, the album, its concept, production information and a host of other informative notes. When shopping for vinyl records online, it's easy to get a look at all the album artwork without having to flip through each record individually.

You can also choose from a variety of quality turntables on the London Drugs website or in store as well as a full range of accessories such as protective inner and outer sleeves, cleaning brushes, stereo receivers, speakers and even a Vinyl Record Ultrasonic Restoration System.

London Drugs is the perfect place to find brand new vinyl for your music library. Rediscover a classic LP, or find a refreshing new favourite. The warm sound of a vinyl record is the perfect way to enhance your next gathering or enjoy a relaxing evening at home. Shop for vinyl records online or in-store at select London Drugs locations today!

Vinyl Records FAQs

Why are vinyl records popular again?

Vinyl has been making a comeback in recent years, not solely because of its warm, analogue sound characteristics but also because vinyl is so highly collectible. A vinyl record cover is easy to display and showcases the artwork of an album on a bigger scale than a CD jewel case. Plus many people find that analogue vinyl records have a warmer, fuller and richer sound than its digital CD or MP3 counterparts. Vinyl records also reintroduce the physical act of listening to music as the main activity, not as a background to another activity like working or exercising. Sitting down yourself or with a friend or a group and listening to vinyl is in itself the activity.

Can vinyl records be cleaned?

Yes, actually, vinyl records can be cleaned and even restored, though it depends on what degree you wish to clean them. — one can simply and gently wipe the vinyl with a damp cloth or use a carbon fibre record brush to remove dust and lint, or you could use more specialized cleaning products such as specific cleaning fluids and brush systems, though none of these products are designed to deeply and thoroughly clean or restore a vinyl record. In order to clean and restore a record thoroughly and completely, an ultrasonic cleaning system with an anti-bacterial surfactant is required.

Should vinyl records be cleaned?

Absolutely, even brand new records should be cleaned before their first play. No record comes out of a pressing plant free of particles or contaminants and in many cases it can be quite the opposite, in fact, all new pressings will excrete release agents that are natural to the record pressing process.

Today, most record pressing factories are primarily running at 100% capacity, 24/7 largely due to vinyl’s ever increasing demand. In many cases there can be remnants of vinyl clippings or fine strips between the record and the sleeve or even within the grooves themselves. If not properly removed, these remnants can cause serious damage to your turntable’s stylus. It is also important to note that in virtually every case, the new record itself will contain a release agent that is required to press and separate the vinyl during the creation process. Though the release agents won’t damage the record, it can however adversely affect its sonic performance as well as accumulate in the turntable’s stylus.