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London Drugs DVD & Blu-Ray Players – high quality Blu-Ray players, the latest in Ultra HD Blu-Ray players and DVD players, DVD recorders, DVD/VHS combinations and portable DVD and Blu-Ray players to elevate entertainment, at home or away.

London Drugs brings a world of entertainment to your online shopping experience. Gather friends and family to watch the latest movies using up-to-the-minute Blu-Ray technology. From action adventure flicks to animation classics, find the right player to suit your viewing expectations. If you’re into high definition, 4K resolution and a plethora of color, why not buy a UHD Blu-Ray player for big time entertainment.

In the market for a new Blu-Ray player? Shop our selection of Sony, Samsung, LG Electronics and Panasonic for high definition (HD) viewing.

Online shoppers considering a new DVD player will want to look into one of our upscaling models to complete your home theater. If you regularly download TV show or movies, an upscaling DVD player is the solution to playing these back on a widescreen TV with near HD quality. Entertainment enthusiasts will find great everyday low prices on DVD players.

Keep everyone entertained on those long road trips with a portable DVD player or portable Blu-Ray player. Then, head over to our Music and Movies section to stock up on DVD and Blu-ray movies. Shop for high performing electronics and affordable entertainment products at London Drugs.