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Rest well with an alarm clock and take a break from those unexpected smartphone notifications. The standard must-have bedroom accessory notifies you that it's time to get up, but more advanced options have special characteristics that make the process easier. Some are designed with loud alarms, helping to wake even heavy sleepers. Radio alarm clocks provide you with the option of falling asleep or waking up to soothing sounds or music to get you moving. Certain technological elements, such as Bluetooth capabilities, simulated sunrise displays that are clinically proven to help you feel rested, and built-in projectors, help you customize your alarm.

Browse our selection of alarm clocks to find one that's going to make leaving your bed a little easier.

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  • Cardinal Keywound Alarm - 8533 Quick View
  • Philips Wakeup Somneo Light - White - HF365160 Quick View
  • Philips Wake Up Light Thin -  White -HF350560 Quick View
  • Smart Projection Alarm Clock - Black - 1402956 Quick View
  • Marathon Desk Alarm Clock - Black/White - CL030053BK-WH Quick View
  • Marathon Colour Change Clock - Black - CL030063BK Quick View
1 - 6 of 52