Dyson AM09 Tower Fan and Heater - White - 303033-01
Dyson AM09 Tower Fan and Heater - White - 303033-01


Dyson AM09 Tower Fan and Heater - White - 303033-01

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Remote magnetic location - curved and magnetized to store neatly on the machine
Cooling mode - one touch to switch to cooling mode
Temperature control - 1 deg C,  37 deg C precision
Variable airlfow - Quickly adjusts airflow power
Oscillation - Independent motor drives smooth oscillation
Sleep timer - Heater can be programmed to turn off after preset intervals ranging form 15 min to 9 hours
Airflow mode selection - switch between focused and diffused mode
Air multiplier technology - surrounding air is drawn in to project smooth, powerful, high velocity airflow
PTC ceramic plates - Specific composition limits maximum temperature to 200°C. So dust doesn’t burn. No worrying smell.
Safe - Tip-over automatic cut out. No visible heating elements. No fast-spinning blades.
Re-engineered airflow paths - Airflow paths are streamlined so that air passes through the machine more quietly and with greater efficiency.
Acoustically engineered motor bucket - The motor’s casing has been tuned to reduce vibration and therefore noise.
Aerodynamic diffuser - Separates airflow into controlled paths, creating a more efficient journey to the loop.
Mixed flow impeller - A combination of the technologies used in turbochargers and jet engines generates powerful airflow.
Re-designed air intake - Air is drawn in more efficiently, generating less turbulence and noise.
2.5mm aperture - Air is forced out to create the jet
Second aperture - Air is forced out to create entrainment that pulls the jet over the 45 degree projector.
Focus ramp - Channels and directs airflow into a warm jet of air, for focused mode.
45 degree projector - Channels and projects airflow wide, for diffused mode.
Air gates - Directs airflow into both aperture chambers for diffused mode, or seals off the second aperture to produce focused mode.
Brushless DC motor - Uses less energy than its predecessor to generate powerful airflow.
Touch-tilt - Pivots on its own centre of gravity, staying put without clamping.
LED display - Shows target temperature.
Low centre of gravity - Base-mounted motor. Not top heavy and unstable.

New Technology - Jet Focus control - Choose focused mode for long-range powerful airflow, or select diffused mode for wide projection to mix the surrounding air.
Focused mode: Warm air is accelerated through a 2.5 mm aperture and over an airfoil shaped ramp. It is redirected by a focus ramp. which projects a powerful stream of warm air towards the user
Diffused mode: A jet of air is released from a second aperture. As the two jets meet, entrainment guides the airflow over a 45 degree projector, releasing a wide stream of powerful airflow
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    153 x 112 x 595mm ( 6.02 x 4.41 x 23.42inch)

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    Fan Heater

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    4.07kg (8.97lbs)