Monitors serve many different needs, from streaming the latest movies to hardcore gaming to professional or personal use. Let London Drugs help you find the perfect computer monitor for your needs.

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  • LG 22inch Full HD TN Monitor with AMD Freesync - Black - 22MK400H-B Quick View
  • Samsung S24F350FH 24inch LED Monitor with Super Slim Design - LS24F350FHNXZA Quick View
  • Samsung S27F350FH 27inch LED Monitor with Super Slim Design - LS27F350FHNXZA Quick View
  • Samsung LS24D330 24inch Gaming Monitor - LS24D330HSL/ZA Quick View
  • Samsung E590 28inch 4K UHD Monitor - LU28E590DS/ZA Quick View
  • Samsung C27F396 27inch Essential Curved Monitor - LC27F396FHNXZA Quick View
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Things to Consider Before Buying a Monitor

When selecting a monitor for your computer, there are many options and features to consider before buying.

Monitor Use

Computer monitors can be used in so many different ways like graphics-rich gaming, in-depth school lessons, important work tasks, TV-like video streaming along with personal usage like video chatting and social media. Each of those interests match-up differently with the features monitors offer.

Monitor Size

Monitors come in many sizes, from small-to-medium desktop options to those that rival the size of television screens. To choose the right size, map out where the monitor will sit or be mounted. For desktop use, make sure the monitor can fit within the space available. For monitors you plan to mount, look at the wall area available plus any obstacles.

If you plan to use the monitor for work, school or personal tasks, small monitors may fit the bill. Streamers, gamers and designers might prefer larger monitors that bring their graphics nearly to life size. If you have eyesight issues, you may also consider a monitor large enough to avoid eye strain and enable comfortable use.


Resolution is one of the most important factors in choosing between possible monitors. Accordingly, higher-resolution monitors may come with a heftier price tag. Gamers and streamers might prefer Ultra HD or 4K resolution capable of rendering crisp graphics. Less graphics-intense users who mainly rely on non-graphic-heavy programs can save some money with lower-resolution monitors that still offer clear images.

Flat vs. Curved

While flat monitors remain the bedrock of the monitor market, the recent addition of curved monitors opens a new level of usability. Gamers can take advantage of the wide field of vision enabled by curved monitors to produce the feel of visual immersion and presence in the game being played.


The age of the device that will connect to the computer monitor may dictate the type of wires required. Older PCs may only connect with monitors that offer VGA or DVI cables that screw into PC ports. For newer PCs, consumers can choose between HDMI and USB-C connectors. DisplayPort connections are used on some monitors but have largely been phased out by HDMI.

After considering your current components, graphics and resolution requirements, shape and connection types, shop London Drugs wide selection of computers monitors to find the best one for your needs.