Paper Shredders

Paper Shredders

Antivirus, firewalls and secure networks protect electronic work files, but it's important to consider security in the paper world too. Disposing of client records, financial files and intellectual property should always be safeguarded. Improve home office security or ensure due diligence and risk control in a corporate setting with a paper shredder from London Drugs.

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  • Nuova Shredder Sharpening & Lubricant Sheets - 12's - SP-12 Quick View
  • Certified Data Strip Cut Paper Shredder - 6 Sheets - AS618SB Quick View
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  • Fellowes SB-99CI 17 Sheet Cross-cut Paper Shredder - 3229902 Quick View
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Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Shredder

The best paper shredders offer a good balance of security to capacity, speed and budget. Consider the following before purchasing your paper shredder:

Types of Paper Shredders

Strip-cut shredders are the fastest, highest-volume and most budget-friendly choice because it only runs documents through the blades once in a vertical movement. This type of shredder is best for lower security needs.

Cross-cut shredders chops the paper into short, narrow strips for increased security. This type is faster than the micro-cut shredder and more secure than the strip-cut shredder.

Micro-cut shredders shreds the paper into unidentifiable confetti giving you the highest level of security.

Capacity & Shred Speed

While the cut-type is important for security; sheet volume and speed can also play an important role in selection. Consider the sheet and recycling bin capacity, and shred speed before making a purchase. A home office can usually manage with a slower shredder that takes a few sheets at a time and rarely needs to be emptied. While a busy office may need a model that processes more sheets faster and has a larger recycling bin.

Budget & Other Features

If you need to dispose of materials other than paper, try to find a model that is strong enough to shred CDs or credit cards. Finding a paper shredder with safety features can be ideal if you have little ones or if you want to avoid unwanted shredding.

Considering how much you would like to spend on a paper shredder can impact your choice as well.

Printed documents, mail and old files need to be disposed of responsibly. Choose security first with a strip-cut, crosscut or micro-cut paper shredder from London Drugs.