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London Drugs Drives, Storage & Memory – Outfit your home or office computer and laptop with blank media including CDs and DVDs, external hard drives, internal hard drives, memory cards and memory card readers, USB flash drives and optical drives. 

At London Drugs we’ll help you get the most from your data and data storage with a full range of storage and memory products and accessories. Find blank media from well-known brands like Verbatim, Maxell and Sony. Whether you are looking for CD’s to store data and programs or DVD’s to store songs and movies, you can stock up with packs of 10 and up. Our quality DVD selection includes DVD-R DL discs which use two recordable dye layers of approximately 4.7 GB for a total of 8.5 GB, doubling the disc storage capacity.

Want to take your school or work documents anywhere? External hard drives are portable so you can work on documents from anywhere, without having to take your laptop with you. You’ll love the sleek designs we offer, which complement both Mac and PC computers. External hard drives can back up files, save precious photos, videos, graphics and data in ultimate safety.

Internal hard drives are the primary storage drives in your computer. Whether you are running out of storage space on a laptop or building a PC desk top computer from scratch, we’ve got a solid selection of internal hard drives to suit your needs. With a new internal hard drive you get quick and easy access to professional documents, music and movies without having to plug in an additional drive.

Many computer programs require a lot of temporary data space to run smoothly. Upgrading a PC or Mac to include more RAM (random access memory) will help programs run smoothly and generally speed up your system. In this department, you’ll find both PC and Mac compatible memory cards. When it’s time for a fast transfer of photos and videos, look to our selection of memory card readers. From single to multi-card readers, you’ll find the quickest way to get data from the memory card to your laptop or PC. 

If you prefer a more convenient, portable way to store your data, photos or music without the need for cables and power adapters, a USB flash drive is the perfect solution. Our lineup of flash drives includes 4GB to 128GB storage capacity, many with USB 3.0 compatibility for ultra-fast transfer speeds.

Optical drives help install software, play movies, back up files and burn CDs and DVDs. For home, work or travel you’ll find sleek designs that slide easily into a travel bag or back pack and take up minimal desk space. Our assortment includes PC and Mac compatible drives with convenient USB power ports so there’s no need to carry additional cables or power adapters.

London Drugs is proud to offer online shopping to our valued Canadian customers. Shop here for brand name computer drives, storage and memory merchandise for the home or office. Sign up for our newsletter and keep up-to-date on promotions and specials in every department.