Clif Bars

Clif Bars

Clif Bars and Company began when its founder bit into an energy bar and knew he could produce a better product. From naming the company for his father to whipping up initial batches of protein bars in his mother's kitchen, Clif Bars still surpasses the competition and leads the industry after two decades.

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Clif Bars: Fueling Your Life’s Adventures

Clif Bars and Company produces several lines of energy and protein bars that fit your needs and lifestyle

Clif Bars

Clif Bars, the flagship line of the company's offerings, includes many different flavours.

• Clif Bar: The original line of Clif Bars with 70% organic ingredients and performance nutrition, enjoy this energy bars’ great taste wherever your next adventure takes you.
• Clif Whey Protein: Featuring 14g of whey protein in each bar, this non-GMO option comes in many delicious flavours and gives you the complete protein you need.
• Clif Builder's: Featuring non-GMO ingredients, these bars pack a whopping 20g of protein in each serving in flavours like chocolate peanut butter, vanilla almond and chocolate mint.
• Clif Nut Butter Filled: Get the best of both worlds, with this nut butter filled organic energy bar. Choose between athlete-designed energy bar flavours like chocolate peanut butter, chocolate hazelnut butter and coconut almond butter.

Luna Bars

Luna gluten-free protein bars provide all-day nutrition. Whether you use them as meal replacements or between-meal snacks, Luna bars provide you with all the energy you need to tackle life.

Clif Kids

A line created for active kids, Clif Kids bars are full of organic nutritious ingredients without any artificial flavours or high fructose corn syrup. Choose from a wide selection of flavours your kids are sure to love!

Clif Bars provide all the nutrition and flavours active individuals and families need to nourish their bodies while taking advantage of the best possible ingredients and lasting energy boosts. Shop online or in-store at your local London Drugs and enjoy them from the very first bite.

Clif Bar FAQs

Are Clif Bars vegan?

Most Clif Bars are vegan-friendly and plant-based. However, check warnings on packaging for bars that may have contacted non-vegan ingredients while in production.

Are Clif Bar wrappers biodegradable?

While Clif Bars are not biodegradable, the company focuses on sustainability for each product produced, using minimal packaging and participating in recycling initiatives for wrappers.

Is Clif Bar Gluten Free?

Many Clif Bars are gluten free. Warnings may be found on the packaging of some bar flavours if gluten is present or if the bar may have come into contact with gluten during production.

Are Clif Bars a meal replacement?

All-day nutrition Clif Bars can be used either as meal replacements or as between-meal snacks.

Do Clif Bars have caffeine in them?

Most Clif Bars do contain caffeine. Certain flavours contain extra caffeine to extend the energy the bars already provide.