Ceres Fruit Juice - Papaya - 1L
Ceres Fruit Juice - Papaya - 1L
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Ceres Fruit Juice - Papaya - 1L

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Gluten Free
Sugar Free
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• It contains minimum sodium (salt), so it's perfect for people suffering from high blood pressure or cholesterol problems
• While most popular kids' juices and drinks contain harmful additives, Ceres is 100% pure and healthy
• Research has shown that some nutrients in 100% pure fruit juices like Ceres may help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease
• Rich in Vitamin A, C and Potassium:
For healthy skin and mucous membranes
Stimulates the growth and repair of body tissues
Increases your resistance to infections and colds
• Vitamin C:
For a stronger immune system
Decreases the effects of stress
Is easily destroyed by nicotine and alcohol and should be consumed daily to prevent deficiency
Is best taken in it's natural state from sources like Ceres 100% pure fruit juices
• Potassium:
Regulates the body's water balance
Stimulates the normal movements of the intestinal tract
Activates the enzymes that produce energy
    • Ceres contains no preservatives, artificial colour or flavor
    • It's filled with all the vitamins and minerals found in fresh fruit
    • Ceres fruit is picked and processed at its peak for optimal nutrient content
    • It's cholesterol-free
    • No sugar is added
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