Bernardin Canning Jars
For more than a century, Bernardin has been helping gardeners and gourmands in the kitchen. Known for their high quality canning products, the Canadian company is committed to helping people around the world preserve foods and store their own jams, salsas and other delectable fare. At London Drugs, you'll find a wide range of Bernardin canning jars and supplies for your own recipes.

Essentials for Canning
Whether you wish to can leftovers, make your own homemade jellies or can produce from your garden, you'll find the essentials that you need to get the job done in our selection of Bernardin jars. You can choose from Bernardin mason jars in a range of sizes, giving you the flexibility to can a little or a lot. In addition to varying in size, the Bernardin canning jars differ in design. You'll find everything from plain clear jars to options adorned with decorative patterns available in the collection.

Need some extra Bernardin jar lids to get your canning underway? You can purchase lids for Bernardin jars separately in standard and wide mouth sizes. The brand is well known for the innovative snap lid design that allows you to easily create an airtight seal on Bernardin mason jars to lock in freshness.

Ideal for Serving and More
While Bernardin canning jars are world famous for food preservation, they're not just for the kitchen. You can use Bernardin mason jars to serve cold drinks and bring some shabby chic appeal to your dining room. The decorative glass jars can also be used as vases and decorations for parties, weddings or everyday use throughout your home. Durable, heavy glass even allows Bernardin jars to be used for storing odds and ends beyond the pantry for stylish organization.

Explore the selection of Bernardin jar lids and canning jars now to find the perfect solution for your needs.

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