Backroad GPS Maps - Eastern Canada - 00945

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  • Garmin Licensed - 8GB Micro SD - Topographic maps of Eastern Canada (ON, QB & Atlantic Canada)
  • Resource, Industry & Logging Roads. Fishing, Hunting, Crownland - ON, NS & NB
  • ATV & snowmobiling trails, paddling, long distance & multi-use trails
  • Garmin GPS, Basecamp, MapSource and RoadTrip compatible - 1:20,000 / 1:50,000
  • Contains all features from each individual Provincial product

A Land of Endless Adventure!
Stretching from Ontario to the Atlantic Coast, Eastern Canada is a land as diverse as it is beautiful. In Ontario, interconnected lake systems teem with hungry sportfish while moose roam the surrounding woods. In the wilds of Quebec, the ancient Canadian Shield landscape juts against the epic waterway of the St Lawrence River, leading to the Maritime Provinces further east.

As you move across New Brunswick, the forest gives way to the Atlantic Coast, where the most powerful tides in the world have spent centuries carving out dazzling rock formations. Famous for its Acadian and Gaelic heritage, Nova Scotia offers endless coastal views and the breathtaking wilderness of Cape Breton Island, while a short trip to Prince Edward Island brings you to some of the East Coast’s most scenic beaches. Last but not least, Newfoundland and Labrador serve as Canada’s easternmost frontier, where whales swim through cliff-lined fjords and a vast backcountry beckons to be explored.
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    Garmin GPS, Basecamp, MapSource and RoadTrip compatible

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    Eastern Canada

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