Breast Pumps

Breast Pumps

Breast pumps allow mothers to comfortably and conveniently feed their infant, while they are away or when breast milk supply becomes an issue. At London Drugs, we carry a variety of manual and electronic breast pumps from quality brands.

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Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Breast Pump

Mothers who are breast feeding, whether by choice or out of necessity, should carefully consider several points before choosing a breast pump. In addition to choosing between a manual pump and an electronic pump, mothers should consider other factors such as size, portability and comfort.

Manual Pumps

Manual pumps are best for on-the-go moms who pump occasionally. However, they are known to be less comfortable and less effective than electronic pumps. While electronic pumps can be hands-free with the right accessories, manual pumps require constant work. Additionally, this type of pump is substantially less expensive than its electronic counterpart.

Electronic Breast Pumps

While more expensive, electronic breast pumps are the best option for moms who pump frequently or exclusively. There are many advantages to using an electronic pump, including:

• It extracts breast milk at a faster pace and can be more effective.
• Most mothers consider an electronic pump to be more comfortable than a manual pump.
• Electronic pumps can be used hands-free.
• Some models of electronic pumps feature two pumps, allowing mothers to pump from both sides simultaneously.

Single Pump vs. Double Pump

When purchasing an electronic breast pump there are two options to consider: single pump or double pump. Read below to see the differences between the two:

• A single model can only pump one breast at a time whereas a double can pump both simultaneously.
• Double models are able to pump more milk per session and in half the time when compared to a single pump
• It's recommended to purchase a single pump after birth so you can assess your needs
• Double pumps can be purchased at any time, as it caters to mothers who pump once in a while or exclusively
• Double pumps can also be used as a single pump
• Double pumps allow mothers to build and maintain a supply of breast milk

Selecting a Breast Shield

Breast shields are the part of the pump that's placed over the breast. Choosing a shield that's the right fit is crucial for a more effective and comfortable pump. These shields come in several sizes ranging from 16 mm to 30 mm. To choose the right size, mothers should measure the diameter of their nipple and select a shield that's between 5 mm and 6 mm larger.

Find a Great Selection of Breast Pumps and Pumping Accessories

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